Maths Tutorials - Higher Level Leaving Certificate 2020/2021

Online SAI Higher Level Maths Tutorials 2020/21

NEW Tutorials for 2021 are as follows:

27/01/2021 - Calculus 1

03/02/2021 - Calculus 2

03/03/2021 - Probability & Stats

10/03/2021 - Financial Maths

24/03/2021 - Revision

All sessions will take place between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

Zoom invitations for these tutorials will be emailed out to schools the week prior to each tutorial (commencing 20th Jan) with questions to be attempted in advance.

Tutorials covered in 2020 with materials available below:

04/11/2020 - Algebra 1

11/11/2020 - Geometry 1 

18/11/2020 - Trigonometry 1

25/11/2020 - Algebra 2

02/12/2020 - Geometry 2

History of the SAI Maths Tutorials Project

In 2013, the Society launched a series of Maths Tutorials covering the Higher Level Leaving Certificate Maths Programme.  An invitation was issued to a small selection of schools to participate in these tutorials.

Since then, the Society has extended this invitation to more schools in the Dublin area and also launched the initiative in Cork.

Format of Zoom tutorials

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, our tutorials have moved online this year and we hope that despite the fact that we must all keep our distance, we can still help the 2021 HL Leaving Cert Maths students prepare for their exams.

Question Sheets will be sent out and posted to this page a week before each tutorial. Students should attempt the questions in advance. During the tutorial, Tutors will work through the solutions and answer any questions you may have.

Your questions can be submitted anonymously during the tutorial.

Solutions will be posted here the day after each tutorial.

Follow us on Instagram for updates on when questions and solutions are available online:

See you on Zoom!