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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Attached files Podcast (members only) Podcast LIA IOB Skills
12 Sep 2017 ESG investing – are you ready? Vera Hegarty; BNP Paribas
24 Aug 2017 Captain's Day 2017 Ciaran Long, SAI Golf Captain
29 Jun 2017 Life (Re) Head of Actuarial Function Forum
28 Jun 2017 PRIIPS Update
22 Jun 2017 Student Society Summer BBQ
22 Jun 2017 How Professionals Use Networking to Build Brand and Win Clients Sean Weafer
20 Jun 2017 Solvency II - Matching Adjustment Portfolios in practice James Sharpe, Independent Actuarial Consultant
Gus Williams, Independent Actuarial Consultant
15 Jun 2017 IMI Advant-edge 2: A Growth Mindset Through the Lens of Trust, Commitment and Engagement
15 Jun 2017 A Review of the First SFCRs Maaz Mushir (FSAI) and Carol Lynch
13 Jun 2017 SAI AGM followed by the presentation: What do our Key Stakeholders think of the Actuarial Profession?
12 Jun 2017 Head of Actuarial Function forum for Non-Life (re) insurance actuaries
08 Jun 2017 SAI Annual Convention 2017 See agenda
30 May 2017 World War Three - The looming conflict between generations Dr Jim Walker, Asianomics Group Limited
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25 May 2017 IMI Masterclass 2: Leadership and Beyond Manfield F.R Kets de Vries
22 May 2017 PRSA Forum
14 May 2017 Piers Segrave-Daly Matchplay Competition Ciaran Long, SAI Golf Captain 2017
11 May 2017 Student Society Table Quiz
11 May 2017 IMI Webinar – Millennials: Seeking Stability and Opportunities in an Uncertain World
10 May 2017 Collaborative leadership Simon Paine, Pop-up Business School
08 May 2017 Flood Insurance Forum Swenja Surminski of LSE's Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment |
Gerry Fleming and Sinead Duffy from Met Eireann.
04 May 2017 Hot Topics in Life Reinsurance See agenda
03 May 2017 SAI Professionalism Event for Experienced Actuaries See agenda
27 Apr 2017 SAI ERM Forum Bridget MacDonnell FSAI, Paul Harwood, Gareth McQuillan FSAI, Aidan Holton and David Costello FSAI
25 Apr 2017 Pensions Technical Session: Application of the Preservation Regime to Defined Benefit Schemes Ian Devlin, Eversheds Solicitors
24 Apr 2017 Directors' Interest Group Meeting Brid Horan, Paul O’Faherty & Pat Ryan
10 Apr 2017 SAI and APLI joint meeting on Enhanced Transfer Value Philip Smith (APLI) and Paul Torsney (SAI)
23 Mar 2017 SAI Graduation Programme
21 Mar 2017 Life (Re) Head of Actuarial Function Forum
13 Mar 2017 Head of Actuarial Function forum for Non-Life (re) insurance actuaries
09 Mar 2017 IMI Advant-edge 1: Why fostering a growth mindset in organisations matters Philip Matthews