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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Attached files Podcast (members only) Podcast LIA IOB Skills
18 Apr 2018 Leading with Agility Eadine Hickey; Programme Director, Resonate Leadership
16 Apr 2018 An Analysis of the Taxation Supports for Private Pension Provision in Ireland Maeve Hally FSAI & Shane Whelan FSAI
11 Apr 2018 The Bulk Annuity market and how UK insurers invest to meet their annuity promises Steve Robinson FIA; Head of Annuity Trading & Pricing, Scottish Widows
11 Apr 2018 Workshop on presentations to Boards, Pension Trustees, or Management Committees Lorcan Nyhan; Communications Clinic
22 Mar 2018 Auto-Enrolment – the UK Experience Sophia Singleton; Head of DC Consulting in AON Hewitt, UK
22 Mar 2018 SAI Graduation Programme March 2018
21 Mar 2018 Non-Life Pricing Seminar: Topical Actuarial Perspectives See agenda
15 Mar 2018 Scheme Actuary Forum
14 Mar 2018 Understanding Catastrophe Modeling – Inputs, Outputs and the Future Paul Jones; Guy Carpenter
Chris Werner; ICHEC (Irish Centre for High End Computing)
13 Mar 2018 Current Topics Paper Recent Qualifiers
08 Mar 2018 CHANGE OF DATE: ASP PA-2 Discussion Event (Repeat session) Ramona Dolan, FSAI and Diarmuid Costello, FSAI
06 Mar 2018 IMI Advant-Edge Session 1: Be an Authentic Leader (Dublin) Billy Byrne
26 Feb 2018 Life (Re) Head of Actuarial Function Forum
22 Feb 2018 Student Society Night at the Dogs
22 Feb 2018 IMI Masterclass DUBLIN: Jonas Ridderstrale Dr. Ridderstråle
22 Feb 2018 Decision-making Biases Explored Dr. Kate Cullen; Institute of Banking, University College Dublin
20 Feb 2018 IFoA ‘Chartered Actuary’ proposal Clifford Friend, Director of Engagement & Learning, IFoA
19 Feb 2018 SAI Life Forum 2018 See agenda
15 Feb 2018 SAI Fellowship Ceremony February 2018
14 Feb 2018 Head of Actuarial Function forum for Non-Life (re)insurance actuaries
13 Feb 2018 What questions might pension funds, insurance companies & investment advisors reasonably ask in an investment due diligence process? John Caslin and Richard Gallagher
12 Feb 2018 Projections of Demand for Healthcare in Ireland: 2015-2030 Dr. Maev-Ann Wren; ESRI
Dr. Conor Keegan; ESRI
Dr. Adele Bergin; ESRI
07 Feb 2018 A New Approach to Drawdown for Group DC Pensions Colm Fagan
01 Feb 2018 ASP PA-2 Discussion Event Ramona Dolan, FSAI and Diarmuid Costello, FSAI
30 Jan 2018 IMI Event: Membership Launch Day See description
15 Dec 2017 Feedback from the first full year of ARTP and AOTP See description
14 Dec 2017 Role of data in transforming PMI analytics Neha Taneja & Natasha Singhal
13 Dec 2017 SAI Pensions Forum See Agenda
12 Dec 2017 Making An Impact (repeated session) Lorcan Nyhan, Senior Consultant, Communications Clinic
07 Dec 2017 Student Society Christmas Drinks (Reservations now closed)