Recent Qualifiers

Congratulations on successfully completing the actuarial exams. We have put together a list of items you may find useful and they are as follows:

1.    Transferring Membership Category. Guide can be found here.

2.    Book SAI Graduation Programme (details will be posted to the Upcoming Events page of the website).

3.    Note the following dates in your calendar:

  • IFOA transfer to Fellowship Membership cut-off date in February each calendar year to be recorded as a Fellow of the prior year.  
  • IFOA Fellowship Ceremony
  • SAI Fellowship Ceremony 
  • SAI Graduation Programme
  • CPD Year start and end dates

4.    Familiarise yourself with the CPD Scheme:        

  • Introductory overview can be found here 
  • CPD Scheme FAQ can be found here 

5.    Decide whether you want to maintain your IFOA membership including if you want to apply for Dual Membership. You will need to submit a Certificate of Eligibility and pay the applicable balance of subscription within one month. But, before doing this you will need to have been granted Fellow membership by your home Association i.e. the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

6.    Be Mentored or Mentor within SAI – this is a great way to get some career guidance/network or share your past experience. 

7.    Volunteer within SAI via:

  • Recent Qualifiers Committee is always open to newly qualified members
  • Other volunteering opportunities can be found here.

This can be a great way to network for your career.

8.    Update professional directories to reflect your brilliant achievement.

9.    Be aware of the Member Support Panel and contact details. This SAI member service is to help members discuss an issue or problem in an informal setting with another (often more experienced) actuary in order to get a second opinion or guidance on how to resolve the issue at hand. Further details can be found here.