Tools & Resources

Here we hope to give you access to the Tools & Resources you might need as a Student or Recently Qualified Actuary.

Actuarial Education Supports

There are various tutorials and supports available to Actuarial Students during your formal education years.  Click here to find out more.

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Actuarial Reading Lists

n order to gain a broader perspective when studying for the actuarial exams, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries recommends that students carry out additional reading to the ActEd study material.

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CP2 & CP3 Tutorials

The Society welcomes the running of the tutorials outlined below. Though the Society is not directly involved in developing or reviewing the content of the tutorials, we believe that they will usefully extend the education opportunities available to our Student members.

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Guide for Student Actuaries in Ireland

This Guide was created by members of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland’s Recent Qualifiers Committee.  It is intended as a guide to familiarise you with the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), and to provide advice in terms of actuarial exams. 

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Study Techniques / Useful articles

Everyone knows that studying is a skill that is fine-tuned over many years and different approaches work well for different people. By the time you sit your first actuarial exam, you are likely to have already sat many exams and will have a good idea of what approach works best for you. However, sometimes, you may come across a useful pointer that enhances your approach and makes life a lot easier.

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Recent Qualifiers

Congratulations on successfully completing the actuarial exams. We have put together a list of items you may find useful.

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