Information and Assistance Notes (IANs)

The Society may from time to time issue Information and Assistance Notes (IANs) to aid actuaries in their work.

Information and Assistance Notes are non-binding resource material. Actuaries are encouraged to study and consider Information and Assistance Notes that may be relevant to their work, but will need to exercise judgement as to their suitability, relevance and sufficiency in the context of the particular entity or entities for which they act.

The Society does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss to any person or body as a result of any decision or action taken on foot of information, opinions or suggestions set out in any Information and Assistance Note.


General Insurance
Code Title
IAN GI-1 Data checks for the purposes of Non-Life (Re)Insurance Statements of Actuarial Opinion


Code Title

Report on Actuarial Liabilities (Revised Mar 2023)

Report on Actuarial Liabilities (May 2016)

IAN PEN-2 Review of IFoA APS P1: Duties and Responsibilities of Members undertaking work in relation to Pension Schemes