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News 12/01/2021 Response to IFoA consultation on APS-P1 Duties and Responsibilities of Members undertaking work in relation to pension schemes Pensions, Submission
News 26/10/2020 Response to CBI Consultation on Regulations for pre-emptive recovery planning for (re)insurers (CP131) Cross-Practice, Submission
News 01/09/2020 Consultation Document on Setting the Discount Rate Expert Witness, Submission
News 22/10/2019 Public Consultation on Climate Change and Insurance in the context of the “Climate Action Plan 2019 to Tackle Climate Breakdown” General Insurance, Submission
News 05/11/2018 Society responds to DEASP consultation on Process for an Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System for Ireland Pensions, Submission
News 23/10/2018 Society responds to consultation on Supplementary Pensions Reform: Roadmap for Pensions Reform 2018-2023 Pensions, Submission
News 12/10/2018 Society responds to the Pensions Authority consultation document on the Regulation of defined contribution master trusts Pensions, Submission
News 20/09/2018 The Society issues responses to Central Bank of Ireland Consultation Papers CP122 & CP124 General Insurance, Submission
News 20/09/2018 Response to Central Bank of Ireland Consultation Paper (CP 122) Life Assurance, Submission
News 03/07/2018 Response to IAA consultation on ISAP4 General Insurance, Submission
News 28/06/2018 Response to Department of Finance consultation on The Feasibility of an Insurance Claim-by-Claim Register General Insurance, Submission
News 28/02/2018 Society responds to IFoA consultation on Qualification Framework (incl. Chartered Actuary designation) Cross-Practice, Submission
News 22/02/2018 SAI Responds to CBI Consultation Paper (CP 114) on Amendments to the Non-Life Insurance (Provision of Information) (Renewal of Policy of Insurance) Regulations 2007 General Insurance, Submission
News 31/12/2017 Submission to Pensions Authority Consultation on Key Function Holders Pensions, Submission
News 20/10/2017 Submission on Pensions to the fifth programme of law reform Pensions, Submission