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Females are being disadvantaged by Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths

A report published by the Society of Actuaries in Ireland has found that a marked decline in the proportion of female entrants to the actuarial profession in Ireland broadly mirrors a gender gap at the highest performance level in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths, which has been particularly evident since 2012.

This is of great concern to the actuarial profession and this gender gap is likely to have implications at a wider society level in terms of addressing gender imbalance in STEM and in female access to high-points third level courses generally.  Click here to read this report.   

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Sustainable development goals

New Blog Post on Corporate Impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As the negotiations continue at COP 28 in Dubai, our own Miriam Sweeney, provides some fascinating insights into the status of the UN Sustainable Development goals and how businesses and corporates can do more to implement them.

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Latest news

21 Nov 2023

Press Release on Gender imbalance in STEM careers

The Society has issued a press release highlighting that a sharp decline in female performance at the highest level in Leaving Certificate Higher Level Mathematics since 2012 is likely to create a gender imbalance in STEM careers and in female access to high-points third level courses generally.  This is according to a report prepared by the Society's Gender Pipeline Working Group.

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29 Sep 2023

SAI Newsletter September, 2023

The Society's latest Newsletter is available to read at the link below

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03 Apr 2023

Press Release on Right to be Forgotten

You may have seen comments in the Irish Times this morning about a report by the Society on the “Right to be Forgotten”.  The report is here and the associated press release is available here.

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