Actuarial Standards of Practice

Code Title Former Code
ASP PA-1 Continuing Professional Development ASPPA1(2021)
ASP PA-2 General Actuarial Practice
Expert Witness
Code Title Former Code
ASP EXP-1 The actuary as expert witness GN24(ROI)
General Insurance
Code Title Former Code
ASP GI-1 General insurance business – actuarial reports GN12(ROI)
Code Title Former Code
ASP INS-1 Actuarial Function Report
ASP INS-2 Transfer of an Insurance Portfolio – Role of the Independent Actuary ASP LA-6
Life Assurance
Code Title Former Code
ASP LA-5 The prudential supervision outside the Republic of Ireland of life assurance business GN5(ROI)
ASP LA-8 Life assurance product information GN22(ROI)
ASP LA-9 Life assurance remuneration information GN22A(ROI)
Code Title Former Code
ASP PEN-1 Funding defined benefits – Actuarial reports GN9(ROI)
ASP PEN-2 Retirement Benefit Schemes transfer values GN11(ROI)
ASP PEN-3 Actuarial Funding Certificates, Funding Standard Reserve Certificates and Actuarial Statements under the Pensions Act 1990 GN3(ROI)
ASP PEN-4 Funding proposals and (in Version 5.0) actuarial statements under the Pensions Act GN3A(ROI)
ASP PEN-7 Calculations required under the Family Law Act, 1995, the Family Law (Divorce) Act, 1996 or the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act, 2010 GN11A(ROI)
ASP PEN-10 Compliance monitoring reviews of the statutory work of scheme actuaries
ASP PEN-11 Disclosure of directors pension costs under Irish stock exchange listing rules
ASP PEN-12 Statements of Reasonable Projection - Occupational Pension Schemes and Trust RACs
ASP PEN-13 Conflicts of Interests - Pensions Actuaries
Code Title Former Code
ASP PRSA-1 Annual certification of Personal Retirement Savings Accounts providers GN31(ROI)
ASP PRSA-2 Personal Retirement Savings Accounts product information GN31A(ROI)
ASP PRSA-3 Personal Retirement Savings Accounts remuneration information GN31B(ROI)
ASP PRSA-4 PRSA Actuaries and Personal Retirement Savings Accounts investment GN31C(ROI)
ASP PRSA-5 Personal Retirement Savings Accounts and transfers from occupational schemes GN31D(ROI)