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Excess Mortality - Blog #3

COVID-19 Public Interest Subgroup

Date published: July 2020

Life in Ireland has changed rapidly throughout 2020 as COVID-19 has spread throughout our island. The pace of change makes it essential that we keep reviewing our analysis of the situation. The conclusion that we drew a few weeks ago may not be the conclusion we would reach today.

In this post we refresh our previous analysis to include June data from All data processing and analysis has been undertaken in line with the approach outlined in our earlier blogs.

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Gender diff 2

Excess Mortality - Blog #2

COVID-19 Public Interest Subgroup

Date published: June 2020

In this post, we ask ourselves whether there is any evidence of gender bias in the COVID-19 deaths in Ireland as has been reported in other jurisdictions. We have built on our work and that of various academics referenced in post #1 to analyse deaths by gender.

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Excess mortality image


Excess mortality

COVID-19 Public Interest Subgroup

Date published:  June 2020

Every time you turn on the news or open a newspaper these days, there is talk about excess mortality in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. At this stage, most people are aware that excess mortality is the number of deaths over and above those we would normally expect to die in the period (based on historical averages). We have all seen the graphs showing how direct deaths from COVID-19 account for some, but not all, of the excess mortality across the globe but what is the picture at home in Ireland? How much excess mortality are we actually experiencing?  

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