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Event Webinar: Prospects for Alzheimer’s Disease Medicines DemographyDemographyHealthcareLifeLife ReinsurancePensions
Event Webinar: Health in a Changing Climate Cross-PracticeDemographyHealthcareLifeLife ReinsurancePensionsSustainabilityWider Fields
Event Webinar: Demography Forum Demography
News Report on the 2020 Pensioner Mortality Study of Irish Self-Administered Pension Schemes DemographyDemography Studies
News Mortality Assumptions for Transfer Values Paper DemographyDemography Studies
Event Webinar: Life Re Forum Innovation Series (Part 1): Climate Change and Life Insurance – sorting the wheat from the chaff Climate ChangeCROsDemographyEnterprise Risk ManagementHealthcareHoAFsINED'sLife AssuranceLife ReinsuranceStudentsSustainabilityWider Fields
Event Webinar: Impacts for Insurers of Polygenic Risk Scores for Genetic Disorders DemographyHealthcareHoAFsLifePRSAScheme ActuariesStudentsWider Fields
Page Excess mortality blog post #17 Cross-PracticeData AnalyticsDemography
Page Excess mortality blog post #16 COVID-19Cross-PracticeDemographyHealthcare
Page Excess mortality - Blog post #14 Cross-PracticeDemography
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Event Future Mortality Impacts of the Pandemic joined by speakers from the Society of Actuaries in Ireland COVID-19 Action Group Demography
Page Excess mortality blog post #11 Cross-PracticeDemography
News Public Consultation on Revision of Death Registration Process - Response to Department of Social Protection DemographyLife AssuranceLife ReinsuranceSubmission