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News 09/10/2020 Calibrating the CMI Model for Ireland Demography, Paper, Demography Studies, Paper
News 29/09/2020 Report on the 2020 SAPS Pensioner Mortality Study Demography, Paper
News 29/09/2020 SAI Review of Best Estimate Mortality Projection Methods 2020 Demography, Demography Studies, Paper
Event 18/08/2020 Webinar Excess mortality in Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic Cross-Practice, Data Analytics, Demography
News 06/03/2019 Society issues press release on a major investigation into Irish death rates (Irish Insured Lives Mortality Investigation) Demography, Press Release
Event 15/01/2019 Demography Forum Demography, Podcast, Presentation
Event 05/02/2016 The Impact of the 2009/2010 European Debt Crisis on Mortality Trends Demography, Life Assurance, Podcast, Presentation
Event 21/10/2015 Critical Illness Trends Demography, Healthcare, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance
News 16/07/2015 Annuity Conversion Rates in Retirement Fund Product Illustrations: Mortality Bases Review Demography, Pensions, Demography Studies
Event 14/07/2015 Demography Forum - SAI MEMBERS ONLY Demography, Podcast, Presentation
News 03/07/2015 International Actuarial Association (IAA) Mortality Working Group Update Demography, International, International News
Event 09/01/2015 Sessional research event: Forecasting death rates using exogenous determinants Demography
News 04/07/2014 Retirement Benefit Schemes Transfer Values: Mortality Basis Review Demography, Demography Studies
News 17/09/2013 CMI publishes 2013 mortality projections Demography
News 23/08/2013 International Actuarial Association Mortality Working Group - first report Demography