Webinar: Life Re Forum Innovation Series (Part 1): Climate Change and Life Insurance – sorting the wheat from the chaff

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The Life Re Forum Innovation Series will be begin with this webinar. Part 2 is on Wednesday 27th and Part 3 is on Thursday 28th.

Click here to see event page for part 2 and click here to see event page for part 3.

Have you ever wondered from which angle to tackle this seemingly all-pervasive topic of climate change so as to be able to understand how it relates to life insurance specifically?

In this talk we will try to sort the wheat from the chaff, by first looking at what is projected to happen (and more importantly, as you will learn, where), what consequences there are (and more importantly, as you will learn, for whom), and which are the most relevant ones for life insurance (and more importantly, as you will learn, why).

Actuarial projections of future mortality under climate change scenarios, although carried out by the author and briefly covered in the presentation, will not be the focus of the talk. Instead, it will aim to build a solid general understanding of the fundamental interacting elements. This can help in making actuarial risk-based assessments when it comes to climate change and life insurance.

Details about the presentation can also be found on this article 'The relevance of climate change for life insurance', which Irene Merk wrote.

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Irene Merk, SCOR
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Dr. Irene Merk holds graduate degrees in physics and in computer science from RWTH Aachen and is a Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary. Coming from a family of pharmacists, she did her PhD on modelling the human visual system. After joining the reinsurance industry in 2001, Dr. Merk moved on to become an actuary and held various roles in reinsurance R&D, pricing, valuation, marketing, underwriting and risk management. At SCOR she is in charge of coordinating the life and health aspects of the world-wide internal and external risk reporting and monitoring, such as the various “Own Risk and Solvency Assessments” and the climate change disclosures according to TCFD. She leads the emerging risks process for SCOR’s life and health division, with a special interest in risk culture. Dr. Merk is active in the CRO Forum’s Emerging Risks Initiative and in various working groups of the German Actuarial Association.

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