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Event In-person: PCF role-holders CPD meeting: How to get into trouble without really trying CROs, Cross-Practice, HoAFs
Event Webinar: Insurance Capital Standards (ICS) – Not another one?? CROs, Enterprise Risk Management, HoAFs, Life, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life
Event Webinar: General Insurance Pricing Series 2022 Part 2: Differential Pricing CROs, HoAFs, INED's, Non-Life, Scheme Actuaries, Students
Event Webinar: Life Re Forum Innovation Series (Part 1): Climate Change and Life Insurance – sorting the wheat from the chaff Climate Change, CROs, Demography, Enterprise Risk Management, Healthcare, HoAFs, INED's, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance, Students, Sustainability, Wider Fields
Event Webinar: PRIIPs Key Information Documents - A Regulatory Update Banking, Finance & Investment, HoAFs, Life
Event Web session: Non- Life HoAF Forum HoAFs
Event Webinar: Impacts for Insurers of Polygenic Risk Scores for Genetic Disorders Demography, Healthcare, HoAFs, Life, PRSA, Scheme Actuaries, Students, Wider Fields
Event Webinar: Finance & Investment Forum 2021 Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, HoAFs, INED's, PRSA
Event Webinar: UK experiences of with-profits PPFM and how they developed over time. Possible lessons for with-profits WPOP in Ireland HoAFs, Life Assurance
Event Webinar: Practical Considerations of Sustainability and Climate Change - A Panel Discussion Chief Risk Officers, Climate Change, Cross-Practice, HoAFs, INEDs, PRSA, Scheme Actuaries, Students, Sustainability