Finance & Investment

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Event 13/04/2023 In-person event: Scheme Actuary Forum Finance & Investment, Pensions
News 13/03/2023 Submission to the DETE consultation on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Finance & Investment, General Insurance, Life Assurance, Pensions, Sustainability, Submission
News 04/11/2022 CPD Event Banking, Finance & Investment, Life Assurance, Paper
News 26/10/2022 IFoA Frank Redington Prize Finance & Investment, Pensions, Social Policy, Paper
Event 13/10/2022 Webinar: Structured Retail Products: Meeting a genuine customer need or luring small savers into gambling with their money? Banking, Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, Life Assurance
Event 29/09/2022 Virtual Event: Finance and Investment Forum Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, Life, Pensions
Event 20/06/2022 Webinar: Lifting the lid on intergenerational investment risk-sharing Finance & Investment, Pensions
Event 24/02/2022 Webinar: Integrating ESG into investment strategies Finance & Investment, Pensions
Event 17/02/2022 Webinar: PRIIPs Key Information Documents - A Regulatory Update Banking, Finance & Investment, HoAFs, Life
Event 13/01/2022 Webinar: Investment Outlook 2022 Finance & Investment
Event 07/09/2021 Webinar: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulations (SFDR) – implications for investors CROs, Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, INEDs, Life Assurance, Life HoAFs, Pensions, PRSA, Scheme Actuaries, Students, Sustainability, Wider Fields
Event 03/06/2021 Financial Regulatory Symposium 2021 Finance & Investment
Event 27/05/2021 Webinar: Finance & Investment Forum 2021 Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, HoAFs, INED's, PRSA
News 30/04/2021 Investment Approaches to AE : Submission to the Department of Social Protection Finance & Investment, Pensions, Submission
News 16/04/2021 Financial & Economic Assumptions - Finance & Investment Committee April 2021 Finance & Investment, Paper, Paper