Climate Change

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Event 01/06/2022 Webinar: Current Topics Paper Climate Change, Diversity & Inclusion, Healthcare, Insurance, Pensions, Paper, Presentation
News 16/05/2022 Banking & Aviation Finance Briefing Note Aviation Finance, Banking, Climate Change, Sustainability, Paper
Event 28/02/2022 Webinar: Life Re Forum Innovation Series (Part 1): Climate Change and Life Insurance – sorting the wheat from the chaff Climate Change, CROs, Demography, Enterprise Risk Management, Healthcare, HoAFs, INED's, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance, Students, Sustainability, Wider Fields
Event 12/11/2021 Webinar: Probabilistic Projections of Carbon Emissions and Global Temperature Climate Change, Sustainability
Page 02/11/2021 Blog#5 - UN Sustainable Development Goals – the global agenda to transform the planet by 2030 Climate Change, Cross-Practice, Sustainability
Page 11/10/2021 Blog#4 - My Green Investment Journey Climate Change, Sustainability
Event 21/09/2021 IRELAND’S 4TH ANNUAL CLIMATE FINANCE WEEK Climate Change, Sustainability
Page 19/09/2021 Blog#3 - The Keeling Curve – an Iconic Climate Change Graph Climate Change, Sustainability
Event 30/08/2021 Climate Change Projections for Ireland Climate Change, Sustainability
Page 07/07/2021 Education Courses Climate Change, Cross-Practice, Sustainability
Page 30/06/2021 Blog#1 - Sustainability and Climate Change – an introduction to the Society’s Steering Group Climate Change, Sustainability
Page 30/06/2021 Blog#2 - Some mixed signals from the sustainability and climate change survey Climate Change, Sustainability
News 20/05/2021 SAI responds to call for Expert Evidence for Climate Action Plan 2021 Climate Change, Submission
Event 30/04/2021 Webinar: Climate change risk scenarios in the ORSA Climate Change, Cross-Practice, Sustainability
Event 06/04/2021 Webinar: Practical Considerations of Sustainability and Climate Change - A Panel Discussion Chief Risk Officers, Climate Change, Cross-Practice, HoAFs, INEDs, PRSA, Scheme Actuaries, Students, Sustainability