Webinar: Prospects for Alzheimer’s Disease Medicines

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Start time: 12.30 pm

End time: 2.00 pm


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Alzheimer’s Disease is a leading cause of death in developed countries.  However, uniquely amongst leading causes of death, Alzheimer’s Disease lacks medicines to successfully treat or even slow down illness progression.  However, two new potential medicines have very recently demonstrated effectiveness in treating this disease.  This paper will explore:

  • What is Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Why developing Alzheimer’s Disease medicines has been so difficult
  • The relative benefits and risks of these two new medicines
  • The broad impact these two medicines may have on future longevity and residential care utilisation
  • The prospects for additional new medicines to be developed.


This webinar will be a summary of the paper Prospects for Alzheimer's Disease Medicines produced by Ivor O'Shea. You can access and read the paper here.


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Ivor O’Shea, FSAI, FIA
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Ivor has invested in over 600 listed biotech companies.  As a result, Ivor has significant practical experience in assessing the effectiveness and commercial prospects of potential new medicines.  He has had a prior career in the life assurance & health insurance industries that lasted just under a combined quarter of a century.  Ivor is a member of the Society’s Healthcare Committee.

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