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Event 10/08/2020 Webinar: Consumer Insurance Contracts Act Cross-Practice, Healthcare, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life Reinsurance
Event 14/04/2020 Webinar: Prospects for COVID-19 Medicines COVID-19, Cross-Practice, Healthcare
Event 02/10/2019 Removing private activity from public hospitals and its impact on the healthcare system Healthcare
Event 13/05/2019 Operational Risk in Insurance Enterprise Risk Management, ERM: Non-Life, General Insurance, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life Reinsurance, Non-Life: Reserving, Podcast, Presentation
Event 20/12/2018 Public Hospital Waiting Lists and the Role of the National Treatment Purchase Fund Healthcare, Podcast, Presentation
News 26/09/2018 Society issues press release on Ireland's Risk Equalisation system Healthcare, Press Release
Event 20/07/2018 Risk Equalisation and Regulation in Private Health Insurance Healthcare, Podcast, Presentation
Event 10/01/2018 Projections of Demand for Healthcare in Ireland: 2015-2030 Healthcare, Presentation
Event 15/11/2017 Role of data in transforming PMI analytics Data Analytics, Healthcare, Podcast, Presentation
News 20/10/2017 Submission on healthcare to the fifth programme of law reform Healthcare, Submission
News 13/03/2017 Society responds to HIA consultation on Lifetime Community Rating Healthcare, Press Release
News 06/03/2017 Response to Health Insurance Authority's consultation on Lifetime Community Rating Healthcare, Submission
News 10/11/2016 SAI Healthcare paper finds growth in ‘Average Private Health Insurance Premiums’ Expected to Continue to be in Excess of Economic Growth Healthcare, Press Release
Event 26/10/2016 Inflationary pressures in the Irish Private Health Insurance market Healthcare, Paper, Podcast, Presentation
Event 18/08/2016 Predicting health through the analysis of food-related data Healthcare, Podcast, Presentation