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Event 16/06/2023 Webinar: IFRS 17 survey results and emerging issues Healthcare, Life, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life, Non-Life Reinsurance
Event 24/03/2023 Webinar: Right to be Forgotten for Cancer Survivors when applying for Life Insurance products Life, Life Reinsurance
Event 21/02/2023 Webinar: Prospects for Alzheimer’s Disease Medicines Demography, Demography, Healthcare, Life, Life Reinsurance, Pensions
Event 17/01/2023 Webinar: Insurance Capital Standards (ICS) – Not another one?? CROs, Enterprise Risk Management, HoAFs, Life, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life
Event 13/10/2022 Webinar: Health in a Changing Climate Cross-Practice, Demography, Healthcare, Life, Life Reinsurance, Pensions, Sustainability, Wider Fields
Event 29/09/2022 Virtual Event: Finance and Investment Forum Cross-Practice, Finance & Investment, Life, Pensions
Event 06/07/2022 Webinar: European ESG template for insurance regulations IDD and SFDR Life
Event 17/02/2022 Webinar: PRIIPs Key Information Documents - A Regulatory Update Banking, Finance & Investment, HoAFs, Life
Event 27/01/2022 Webinar: Impacts for Insurers of Polygenic Risk Scores for Genetic Disorders Demography, Healthcare, HoAFs, Life, PRSA, Scheme Actuaries, Students, Wider Fields
Event 04/11/2021 Webinar: IFRS 17 – member survey results Healthcare, Life, Life Reinsurance, Non-Life, Non-Life Reinsurance
Event 19/10/2021 Web session: Life HoAF Forum Life, Life HoAFs
Event 06/10/2021 Webinar: PRE for Life Actuaries – an update from the PRE Working Group Life
Event 10/01/2020 POSTPONED: Life Reinsurance Forum "The Future of Underwriting" Life, Life Reinsurance
Event 13/11/2019 Financial Reporting Emerging Issues Life, Life Assurance, Podcast, Presentation