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Webinar: Insurance Capital Standards (ICS) – Not another one??

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The Insurance Capital Standard (ICS) is being developed as a consolidated group-wide capital standard for IAIGs. It is being developed by International Association of Insurance Supervisors (“IAIS”) and plans to deliver a risk-based capital standard, ICS, which will apply to all IAIGs including Global Systemically Important Insurers (G-SIIs) at a group consolidated level only.

It consists of three components: valuation, qualifying capital resources, and a standard method for the ICS capital requirement. The purpose of the ICS is to create a common language for supervisory discussions of group solvency to enhance global convergence among group capital standards. Following the end of the monitoring period, the ICS will be implemented as a group-wide prescribed capital requirement which is expected to be shortly after the end of the monitoring period in 2024.

As of 10 February 2022, fifty (50) IAIGs have been identified by relevant GWS’s from 18 jurisdictions to be required to comply with ICS.

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  1. What is ICS?
  2. When was ICS concepted?
  3. What are the objectives of ICS?
  4. ICS criteria to become an IAIG
  5. ICS Implementation Timelines
  6. What is the calibration of ICS?
  7. How does ICS compare to the Solvency II framework?
  8. Key points from ICS Conference in June 2022
Biographical details

Francis Furey is a qualified actuary with over 15 years of working experience within the life insurance industry. His range of practical work experience includes working in the life insurance industry in a financial reporting and capital modelling capacity with extensive exposure to domestic and international clients.

Working for Finalyse Dublin, he is actively involved in the development of new and existing client relationships including client acquisition and client delivery.

Prior to joining Finalyse, Francis worked in industry for 4.5 years and 8 years in Consulting.

Francis holds an BSc in Financial Mathematics and Economics degree from National University of Ireland Galway and a Postgraduate in Actuarial Science from University College Dublin. He is a Fellow and Member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. Francis is an active volunteer with the Society of Actuaries and is currently on the Life committee, the IFRS17 working group and he has delivered various presentations in the past on topics such as IFRS17 and Climate Change.


Seán Burke is a qualified actuary with over eight years experience in the life insurance industry. His range of experience covers the areas of pricing, reinsurance, financial reporting, and capital modelling. He has particular technical expertise with the Prophet actuarial tool, having been heavily involved in model migration projects in previous roles.

Prior to joining Finalyse as a Senior Consultant in January 2023, Seán spent 4 years with Aviva. He also previously worked for Friends First for a period of 4 years.

Seán holds a BA in Actuarial and Financial Studies from University College Dublin. He is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculties of Actuaries in the UK, qualifying in December 2017, and he is a member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

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Francis Furey, Finalyse, FSAI and Seán Burke, FSAI, Finalyse