Start time: 12.30 pm

End time: 1.30 pm

Online: Zoom

Webinar: Generative AI: Revolutionizing Life Insurance

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Daniel and Vatsal will be discussing generative AI applications in the life insurance industry. They will be giving a primer on the history of the technology as well as debuting some use cases of these AI models in an insurance context to explore how AI within the life insurance industry might go from hypothetical to transformative!


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Biographical details

Daniel is an actuarial data scientist in WTW’s UK life practice. He is currently leading an initiative to introduce generative AI functionality into our products. 

Vatsal is an Associate actuary in WTW’s Irish life office. He has extensive actuarial modelling experience, with strong proficiency in modelling techniques and software prevalent in EU markets. He has developed numerous complex asset-liability projection models with a particular expertise in Python modelling.

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CPD Event
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Virtual event
Daniel Ramsay and Vatsal Gomber