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Webinar: Right to be Forgotten for Cancer Survivors when applying for Life Insurance products

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In February 2021 the European Commission presented its’ Europe Beating Cancer Plan. In which the Commission committed to working with stakeholders ‘to address access to financial products for cancer’.

A Right to be Forgotten (RTBF) framework has been introduced in a number of other European countries and is under consideration in Ireland. Under an RTBF approach typically an applicant for life insurance no longer needs to disclose their previous cancer once they have passed a period of time following completing their cancer treatment.

The implementation of an RTBF framework could have significant implications for Irish consumers of insurance products. In 2022 the Society formed a working group to:

  1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages to consumers or groups of consumers of implementing such a regime in Ireland.
  2. Understand the current position and experience for survivors of cancer who apply for insurance products in Ireland today.
  3. Summarise how legislation has already been implemented in other European countries and any observed or expected impacts.
  4. Consider how any similar legislation may impact actuaries, underwriters and claims assessors working in Ireland including practical, operational and system issues.

This event will launch the working group’s paper.

Biographical details

Julie McCarthy: 

Julie is the Deputy Head of Actuarial Function for Royal London Ireland. She joined Royal London Ireland in 2018 as the Actuarial Lead within the Proposition team where she was responsible for the setting and monitoring of pricing and reinsurance strategy for the company’s range of individual protection products. She moved to the Finance team within Royal London Ireland in 2021 to assume the role of Deputy HoAF and maintains a keen interest in the areas of pricing and underwriting. She is also a member of the Society’s Demography Committee.


Gavin Maguire: 

Gavin is Head of UK & Ireland for Life & Health business at the reinsurer SCOR. He joined SCOR in 2015 as a Senior Pricing Actuary, before moving into Business Development and Innovation roles. Prior to joining SCOR he worked in a range of Pricing and product development roles at Irish Life. He was a member of the SAI Life Committee from 2016 to 2022 and chaired the SAI Life Reinsurance & Innovation Committee from 2017 to 2022.

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Virtual event
Julie McCarthy: Co-Chair SAI RTBF Working Group and Gavin Maguire: Co-Chair SAI RTBF Working Group
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