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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
12 Sep 2017 ESG investing – are you ready? Vera Hegarty; BNP Paribas
28 Jun 2017 PRIIPS Update
20 Jun 2017 Solvency II - Matching Adjustment Portfolios in practice James Sharpe, Independent Actuarial Consultant
Gus Williams, Independent Actuarial Consultant
15 Jun 2017 A Review of the First SFCRs Maaz Mushir (FSAI) and Carol Lynch
13 Jun 2017 SAI AGM followed by the presentation: What do our Key Stakeholders think of the Actuarial Profession?
08 Jun 2017 SAI Annual Convention 2017 See agenda
30 May 2017 World War Three - The looming conflict between generations Dr Jim Walker, Asianomics Group Limited
22 May 2017 PRSA Forum
04 May 2017 Hot Topics in Life Reinsurance See agenda
10 Apr 2017 SAI and APLI joint meeting on Enhanced Transfer Value Philip Smith (APLI) and Paul Torsney (SAI)