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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
13 Dec 2017 SAI Pensions Forum See Agenda
24 Nov 2017 General Insurance Forum See agenda
20 Nov 2017 Finance & Investment Forum Colm Fitzgerald FSAI, Jennifer Richards (Aberdeen Standard Investments) and Anthony Linehan (NTMA) , ,
06 Nov 2017 Is this the turning point for monetary policy? Mr Rossa White; Chief Economist, Deputy Director of The National Treasury Management Agency, Ireland
26 Oct 2017 R For Actuaries: What, Why and Where? Pedro Ecija Serrano FSAI, Kieran Walsh FSAI
25 Oct 2017 Risk Management Perspectives Conference 2017 See agenda , , , , ,
12 Sep 2017 ESG investing – are you ready? Vera Hegarty; BNP Paribas
28 Jun 2017 PRIIPS Update
20 Jun 2017 Solvency II - Matching Adjustment Portfolios in practice James Sharpe, Independent Actuarial Consultant
Gus Williams, Independent Actuarial Consultant
15 Jun 2017 A Review of the First SFCRs Maaz Mushir (FSAI) and Carol Lynch