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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
24 Apr 2018 Evolution of Economic Scenario Generators Andrew Smith, Aff SAI
11 Apr 2018 The Bulk Annuity market and how UK insurers invest to meet their annuity promises Steve Robinson FIA; Head of Annuity Trading & Pricing, Scottish Widows
22 Mar 2018 Auto-Enrolment – the UK Experience Sophia Singleton; Head of DC Consulting in AON Hewitt, UK
21 Mar 2018 Non-Life Pricing Seminar: Topical Actuarial Perspectives See agenda , , ,
15 Mar 2018 Scheme Actuary Forum
14 Mar 2018 Understanding Catastrophe Modeling – Inputs, Outputs and the Future Paul Jones; Guy Carpenter
Chris Werner; ICHEC (Irish Centre for High End Computing)
13 Mar 2018 Current Topics Paper Recent Qualifiers
19 Feb 2018 SAI Life Forum 2018 See agenda
13 Feb 2018 What questions might pension funds, insurance companies & investment advisors reasonably ask in an investment due diligence process? John Caslin and Richard Gallagher
07 Feb 2018 A New Approach to Drawdown for Group DC Pensions Colm Fagan