Demystifying Data Science

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CPD Event

6.00pm - 6.30pm: tea/coffee

6.30pm - 8pm: Meeting 

Chartered Accountants House, 47-49 Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Data science is the study of how to make data-driven decisions. The field has grown rapidly in recent years and many companies are now hiring data scientists and Chief Data Officers.

In this presentation, we will try to explain what data science is and why it has grown so quickly. We will explain why data science is relevant to actuaries, and discuss some of the risks and opportunities for actuaries. We will try to demystify data science by explaining the key concepts and buzzwords, such as machine learning and predictive analytics. We will also include some practical examples of data analysis techniques.

This introductory talk assumes no previous knowledge or experience in the area, and is aimed at actuaries at all levels. It is the first in a series of talks presented by the SAI Data Analytics subcommittee.

Donal McGinley, FSAI, and Conor Byrne, FSAI
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