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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
10 Nov 2016 Inflationary pressures in the Irish Private Health Insurance market Members of the SAI Healthcare Committee
26 Oct 2016 Finance & Investment Forum: What Lies Ahead? – Emerging Themes and Opportunities Prof Alan Barrett, Stuart Redmond FSAI, Teresa O'Flynn ,
13 Oct 2016 Risk Management Perspectives Conference 2016 See agenda , , , , , , ,
27 Sep 2016 The economic and environment benefits to individuals and to society from investing in forestry Colm Fitzgerald FIA FSAI (University College Dublin), Brendan Fitzsimons (Tree Council of Ireland), Brendan Lacey (Irish Forestry Unit Trust / Irish Timber Growers Association)
07 Sep 2016 Predicting health through the analysis of food-related data Giulia Vilone
01 Sep 2016 Alternative beta – combining smart beta and diversity Joseph O’Dea FSAI and Suhail Shaikh
02 Jun 2016 SAI Annual Convention 2016 As outlined on the Agenda
20 May 2016 Solvency II – Introduction to Pillar three Ursula Morrow FSAI, Robert Murphy
13 May 2016 Solvency II – Introduction to Pillar two Stuart Redmond FSAI, Darren Shaughnessy FSAI
12 May 2016 Pillar 3 reporting for Life Companies Aidan Murphy FSAI and Maaz Mushir FSAI