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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
31 Mar 2016 Advance uses of Internal Models to support reinsurance business decisions Yoon Kwong Loh FIA
15 Mar 2016 Economic Scenario faced by the New Government Connell MacCoille, Chief Economist at Davy
09 Mar 2016 Current Topics Paper Susan Egan, Ronan Judge, Sarah Kelly, Aisling Kennelly, Peter McSweeney, Aoife O’Brien, Lisa Sheppard, Roisin Walsh, Michelle Ward
08 Mar 2016 The Impact of the 2009/2010 European Debt Crisis on Mortality Trends Mary Hall FSAI and Colin Murphy FSAI
03 Mar 2016 Financial & Economic Assumptions Padraig Flanagan FSAI and Stuart Redmond FSAI
23 Feb 2016 LDI Strategies in Ireland – Challenges and Opportunities Darragh Kirwan & Padraig Flanagan
22 Feb 2016 The US Healthcare System and the Role of the Actuary Catherine Murphy-Barron, American Academy of Actuaries
15 Feb 2016 Review of the Titanic Competition Winning teams from Zurich and Deloitte
10 Feb 2016 SAI Life Forum - Members Only Event Dave Roberts FSAI, Kieran Murphy. Colin Murray FSAI, Mary Hall FSAI, Brian Morrissey FSAI
09 Feb 2016 Target-Risk Equity Funds John Caslin, FSAI