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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
19 Sep 2018 Demystifying Data Science Donal McGinley, FSAI, and Conor Byrne, FSAI
12 Sep 2018 PRIIPs: Similarities and Differences between KIDs as revealed by the SAI Survey John Caslin FSAI, Mark Maguire FSAI and Paul McMahon FSAI
10 Sep 2018 R for actuaries: Data Processing with R Gerard Gleeson, FSAI
26 Jun 2018 The Evolution of AerCap & Aircraft Leasing Aengus Kelly; Chief Executive Officer, AerCap
20 Jun 2018 R for actuaries: Generalized Linear Models in R
30 May 2018 Life Reinsurance Forum
28 May 2018 Investment Governance Eamonn Liddy FSAI; Mercer - Head of Clients (Ireland), Delegated Investment Solutions
Tom Armstrong; Executive Coach and Consultant to Toyota Ireland / Killeen Group
18 May 2018 SAI Annual Convention 2018 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
24 Apr 2018 Evolution of Economic Scenario Generators Andrew Smith, Aff SAI
11 Apr 2018 The Bulk Annuity market and how UK insurers invest to meet their annuity promises Steve Robinson FIA; Head of Annuity Trading & Pricing, Scottish Widows