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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
13 Feb 2017 SAI Life Forum - Members only event
26 Jan 2017 Investing to meet Liabilities - Current Issues for Insurance Companies and Pension Schemes David O'Shea, FSAI and Denis Lyons, FSAI, Roma Burke FSAI
14 Dec 2016 SAI Pensions Forum Roma Burke FSAI, Aidan Kennedy FSAI, Brendan Kennedy FSAI,
Michael Pierce FSAI, Dr Shane Whelan FSAI, Patrick McKenna FSAI

08 Dec 2016 Consumer and Conduct requirements for insurers - IDD, POG, PRIIPS and beyond Karl Murray FSAI, Duncan Robertson FSAI, Bernie Mooney, Central Bank of Ireland
07 Dec 2016 Discount Rates - An Off-Market Solution (?) Jon Spain, Government Actuary’s Department, UK
06 Dec 2016 Diversity – Why Bother? followed by our annual Christmas Drinks Brid Horan, Mike Frazer and Sheelagh Malin
29 Nov 2016 Defined Contribution Investing - An International Perspective Brian Duffy - Vanguard Asset Management
25 Nov 2016 General Insurance Forum Gary Dunne, Maurice Priestley (InjuriesBoard.ie), David Cobley (Central Bank of Ireland), Clive Niven, Frank O'Regan
23 Nov 2016 Recovery and Resolution Plans: emerging requirements and strategies for tackling distressed situations Eamonn Phelan FSAI, Bridget MacDonnell FSAI, Eoin King FSAI
16 Nov 2016 CP104 and the Solvency II audit, an accounting perspective Niall Naughton, Glenn Gillard, Brian Morrissey FSAI