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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
06 Mar 2019 SAI Life Forum 2019 Plenary Session: Jeffrey Hennen (PwC The Netherlands) |  Mike Claffey (SAI Life Committee Chair)

Other speakers and panellists listed:  Ciara Regan, Viviana Pascoletti, Bridget MacDonnell, Eric Brown, Jean Rea, Niall Mulvey, John Coggins, Niall Naughton & Declan O’Neill.
04 Mar 2019 Finance & Investment Forum: Preparing for a world with more borders Danny McCoy - Keynote Speaker
Zixuan Peng and Colm Fitzgerald, UCD
27 Feb 2019 Demography Forum As per agenda
19 Feb 2019 Actuarial Careers & Hot Topics
07 Feb 2019 Tontines for DC Pension Drawdown Finbarr Kiely, FSAI
04 Feb 2019 No smoke without fire – an update on the IFoA working party on e-cigarettes Niel Daniels; Chair of the IFoA working party on e-Cigarettes
29 Jan 2019 Public Hospital Waiting Lists and the Role of the National Treatment Purchase Fund Liam Sloyan MSc, FSAI – Chief Executive of the National Treatment Purchase Fund
24 Jan 2019 Are consumers being told the truth? – PRIIPs, ESMA and other impediments Paul McCarville and Joe Mottley
10 Dec 2018 SAI Pensions Forum
05 Dec 2018 Selling Aviation Debt Securities to EU Insurance Undertakings – A Salesperson’s Dream or not? John Caslin FSAI and Jane Gleeson FSAI