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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
10 Dec 2018 SAI Pensions Forum
05 Dec 2018 Selling Aviation Debt Securities to EU Insurance Undertakings – A Salesperson’s Dream or not? John Caslin FSAI and Jane Gleeson FSAI
30 Nov 2018 General Insurance Forum See agenda
19 Nov 2018 Master Trusts – why and what next Steve Charlton, Defined Contribution Managing Director (EMEA & Asia) - SEI Institutional Group ,
15 Nov 2018 Aircraft Finance: Goshawk CEO on M&A’s, Asset Management and how actuaries can fit in Ruth Kelly (Goshawk)
14 Nov 2018 Latest Recovery and Resolution Developments in Banking and Insurance Bridget MacDonnell FSAI, Niall Dillon FSAI and Lynda Carroll (AIB)
09 Nov 2018 Introduction to IFRS17 Joanne Lonergan; FSAI
Niall Naughton; FSAI
08 Nov 2018 SAI President's Conference: Towards a Fairer Future Aisling Kennedy FSAI, Swiss Re | Tom Dunne, Head of School of Surveying & Construction Management, DIT |Roma Burke FSAI, Lane Clark & Peacock , , ,
05 Nov 2018 ORSAs: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Chris Gibney FSAI & Aaron Kenny FSAI
05 Nov 2018 ESG – Why bother? Eimear Toomey (Sustainalytics) , ,