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Date Sort ascending Event Title Speakers/Presenters Podcast
27 Jun 2019 Non-Life Pricing Seminar 2019 See Agenda , , , , ,
18 Jun 2019 The ‘Integrated Digital Economy’ is coming to every business Fergal Coburn; AIB (Chief Digital & Innovation Officer)
06 Jun 2019 Operational Risk in Insurance Clive Kelly, President of the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI)
24 May 2019 SAI Annual Convention 2019 See Agenda
26 Apr 2019 A deeper dive on IFRS17 Members of the IFRS 17 Working Parties
16 Apr 2019 Life Reinsurance Forum 2019 , ,
08 Apr 2019 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Donal McGinley, FSAI
04 Apr 2019 Chinese assets. A valuable portfolio building block? Tom Brooke-Smith, Willis Towers Watson
03 Apr 2019 A practical use of machine learning - Self-Assembling Loss Reserving Models using Regularised Regression Dr. Grainne McGuire; Taylor Fry Consulting Actuaries
28 Mar 2019 Equity Release Mortgages: the Irish Experience Tony Jeffery & Andrew Smith ,