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Date Sort ascending Event Title Podcast Speakers/Presenters
05 Mar 2020 Current Topics Paper Recent Qualifiers
17 Dec 2019 Pensions Forum 2019 Ronan Keane (Chair)
Brendan Kennedy
Sandra Rockett
Dr. Mary Hall
Joanne Roche
10 Dec 2019 Financial Reporting Emerging Issues Members of the Life Financial Reporting working group
29 Nov 2019 General Insurance Forum To access podcasts please contact the Society: info@actuaries.ie
26 Nov 2019 Storytelling with Data Analytics Naoimi Gillis
15 Nov 2019 A Deeper Dive on IFRS 17: VFA and PAA Members of the IFRS17 working groups
30 Oct 2019 M&A from a Practitioners Perspective Waheeda Narker, Director at Willis Towers & Fergal O’Shea, Senior Director at Willis Towers
24 Oct 2019 Application of Data Analytics in Insurance Bence Zaupper, Senior Manager, Assurance, PwC Ireland

11 Oct 2019 Risk Management Perspectives Conference 2019 Please see Agenda
12 Sep 2019 Private rental sector - A vital part of the future of the real estate market Luke Powell; Aberdeen Standard Investments