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Event EIOPAs Sustainable Finance Conference 2022 Presentation
Event Webinar: Current Topics Paper Climate ChangeDiversity & InclusionHealthcareInsurancePensionsPresentation
Event Current Topics Paper PaperPodcastPresentation
Event Financial Reporting Emerging Issues LifeLife AssurancePodcastPresentation
Event Pensions Forum 2019 PensionsPensionsPodcastPresentation
Event A Deeper Dive on IFRS 17: VFA and PAA Life AssuranceLife ReinsuranceNon-Life ReinsurancePodcastPresentation
Event Application of Data Analytics in Insurance Data AnalyticsWider FieldsPodcastPresentation
Event M&A from a Practitioners Perspective Life AssuranceLife ReinsurancePodcastPresentation
Event Risk Management Perspectives Conference 2019 Enterprise Risk ManagementPodcastPresentation
Event Private rental sector - A vital part of the future of the real estate market Finance & InvestmentPodcastPresentation
Event General Insurance Forum General InsurancePodcastPresentation
Event Operational Risk in Insurance Enterprise Risk ManagementERM: Non-LifeGeneral InsuranceHealthcareInsuranceLife AssuranceLife ReinsuranceNon-Life ReinsuranceNon-Life: ReservingPodcastPresentation
Event SAI Annual Convention 2019 Cross-PracticePodcastPresentation
Event Non-Life Pricing Seminar 2019 General InsurancePodcastPresentation
Event SAI ERM Forum 2019 Enterprise Risk ManagementPresentation