Briefing Statements

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October 2022 Climate Change Matters - Public Statement , Press Release on Climate Change paper Climate Change, Cross-Practice, Sustainability
July 2016 Sample Head of Actuarial Function Letter Solvency II
July 2016 Head of Actuarial Function Requirements Solvency II
October 2015 Solvency II and the CP92 Requirements Briefing Statement Solvency II, Life Assurance, General Insurance
April 2015 Sample Risk Register & Risk overview statement for Pension Schemes Pensions
February 2014 Actuaries propose mandatory private pension regime from 2019 Pensions
November 2011 Position Paper on Taxation of Private Pension Provision including supplementary note added in Nov 2017 Pensions, Social Policy
December 2010 Sovereign Annuities position statement Pensions, Social Policy
November 2010 Response to O'Cuiv announcement on the National Pensions Framework Pensions, Social Policy
November 2010 Sovereign Annuities Pensions, Social Policy
June 2010 Sample Risk Register for Pension Schemes Pensions
May 2010 Conflicts of Interests Protocols.pdf Pensions
March 2007 The Role of the Appointed Actuary in Ireland Life Assurance
January 2007 Duties of the Appointed Actuary Life Assurance
May 2006 How much do you need to save for a Pension? Pensions
January 2006 Index-linked Bonds Pensions
September 2005 Life Expectancy Social Policy, Pensions, Demography
May 2005 Interpreting Health Statistics Healthcare, Demography
April 2005 Risk Equalisation Healthcare
November 2004 Insurance Provisions in the Disability Bill 2004 Life Assurance, Healthcare, Life Reinsurance, Social Policy
May 2004 Review of the Marketing & Sale of Tracker Bonds Life Assurance, Finance & Investment
April 2004 Unisex Premiums Non-Life Reinsurance, Life Reinsurance, Life Assurance, Healthcare, General Insurance, Demography, Social Policy
December 2003 Current Funding Issues for Defined Benefit Pension Schemes Pensions
February 2003 Defined Contribution Plans and PRSAs PRSA, Pensions
November 2000 Endowment and Other Investment Mortgages Life Assurance, Finance & Investment
November 2000 Retirement Options and Approved Retirement Funds Pensions
November 2000 Life Assurance Taxation Changes - policyholder issues Life Assurance