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April 2023 SAI Response to IFoA DEI Consultation Cross-Practice, Diversity & Inclusion
March 2023 Consumer Protection Code Review Discussion Paper General Insurance, Life Assurance, Pensions
March 2023 2303 SAI Submission to DETE re CSRD.pdf Finance & Investment, General Insurance, Life Assurance, Pensions, Sustainability
November 2022 Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System Bill 2022 Pensions
October 2022 Consultation on Guidance for (Re)insurance Undertakings on Climate Change Risk (CP151) Climate Change, Enterprise Risk Management, General Insurance, Life Assurance, Sustainability
September 2022 Consultation on Guidance for (Re)Insurance Undertakings on Intragroup Transactions & Exposures (CP150) Enterprise Risk Management, General Insurance, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance
June 2022 Submission to IVASS Consultation Document No. 3 Life Assurance
June 2022 Submission to IVASS Discussion Document No. 1 Life Assurance
November 2021 Consultation on Development of a National Resolution Framework for (Re) Insurers Enterprise Risk Management, General Insurance, Life Assurance
October 2021 Submission to CBI Consultation on the Review of Differential Pricing in the Private Car and Home Insurance Markets General Insurance
September 2021 Submission to Pensions Authority on Consultation on Code of Practice for trustees of occupational pension schemes and trust RACs Pensions
July 2021 Comments on sections 3 and 6 of the Report of the Interdepartmental Pension Reform & Taxation Group 2020 Pensions, PRSA
July 2021 210716 Submission to EIOPA consultation on framework to address value for money risk in the European unit-linked market.pdf Life Assurance
June 2021 SAI Submission on Pensions Authority fees Pensions, PRSA
June 2021 SAI Submission to Pensions Council on the Gender Gap Diversity & Inclusion, Pensions
May 2021 SAI Submission to call for Expert Evidence - Climate Action Plan 2021 Climate Change
April 2021 Investment Approaches to AE : Submission to the Department of Social Protection Finance & Investment, Pensions
April 2021 SAI Response-template-PIAB-consultation Expert Witness, General Insurance
April 2021 Public Consultation on Revision of Death Registration Process - Response to Department of Social Protection Demography, Life Assurance, Life Reinsurance
March 2021 Response to Pensions Commission Consultation on Sustainable State Pensions Into the Future Pensions
February 2021 Consultation on community-rated health insurance market in Ireland and proposed changes to the Risk Equalisation Scheme Healthcare
January 2021 Response to IFoA consultation on APS-P1 Duties and Responsibilities of Members undertaking work in relation to pension schemes Pensions
October 2020 Response to CBI Consultation on Regulations for pre-emptive recovery planning for (re)insurers (CP131) Cross-Practice
September 2020 Consultation Document on Setting the Discount Rate Expert Witness
October 2019 Response to DoF on the Public Consultation on Climate Change and Insurance General Insurance
November 2018 Response to Consultation on Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings Pensions
October 2018 Response to the Consultation on Supplementary Pensions Reform: Roadmap for Pensions Reform 2018-2023 Pensions
October 2018 Response to the Pensions Authority consultation document on the Regulation of defined contribution master trusts. Pensions
September 2018 Response to Central Bank of Ireland Second Consultation Paper (CP 124) General Insurance
September 2018 Response to Central Bank of Ireland Consultation Paper (CP 122) Life Assurance