SAI Annual Convention 2018

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CPD Event
Members Only Event
You must be a member of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland to attend this event.

8am:  Registration and light breakfast

8.30am - 4.05pm:  Convention

Convention Centre Dublin

We are delighted to announce the Programme for our Annual Convention on Friday 18th May 2018 at the Convention Centre Dublin.   

We had a great response following our call for presentations earlier this year, which means that we are able to provide members with a wide range of sessions to choose from.  Many thanks to all who submitted proposals.

To help you choose your preferred sessions, a description of each presentation has been posted to the website and is available below.

The online booking facility is now open!  

Early booking is recommended to ensure a place at your chosen sessions.




LIA & IOB Accreditations

Title LIA Accreditation Number Accredited for IOB Accreditation Number        
Drivers of future longevity - a medical perspective LIA02949_2018 MCC 6 Private Medical Insurance and Associated Insurance 2018-1419  
Embedding wearable health tech into insurance  LIA02929_2018 MCC 6 Private Medical Insurance and Associated Insurance 2018-1395  
IFRS 17 - a GI perspective - impact on general insurance LIA02928_2018 MCC 5 Commercial General Insurance    
Investment Strategies under Solvency II LIA02927_2018 MCC 3 Savings & Investments    
Measuring the cost of the states pension promises LIA02926_2018 MCC 2 Pensions  2018-1429  
Might smoking rates go up in Flames? LIA02965_2018 MCC 6 Private Medical Insurance and Associated Insurance 2018-1428  
Mortality Research Update LIA02925_2018 MCC 2 Pensions 2018-1431  
Panel discussion on auto enrolment LIA02924_2018 MCC 2 Pensions 2018-1434  
Practical challenges of IFRS17 Implementation LIA02923_2018 MCC 1 Life Assurance    
Pricing of demographic risk LIA02922_2018 MCC 1 Life Assurance 2018-1435  
Reserving in the pressure cooker LIA02966_2018

MCC 4 Personal General

MCC 5 Commercial General Insurance



Resource & Environmental Issues for Pensions Actuaries LIA02910_2018 MCC 2 Pensions 2018-1436  
Running of Mature DB Schemes LIA02909_2018 MCC 2 Pensions 2018-1425  
The changing landscape of Distribution in Life and Pensions  LIA02906_2018

MCC 1 Life Assurance

MCC 2 Pensions




The fast moving world of Insurance Telematics LIA02905_2018

MCC 4 Personal General

MCC 5 Commercial General Insurance



Using your tea, milk and mobile to get health cover LIA02904_2018 MCC 6 Private Medical Insurance and Associated Insurance  2018-1438  


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LIA Accreditation: This event has been accredited by the LIA.

Professionalism Training: This event includes Professionalism Training.

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Programme 394.31 KB
Descriptions of Sessions 204.11 KB
Biographical details of speakers 200.87 KB
Spreadsheet to download for Ersatz Model tests session 403 KB
180518 Authorisations - Its Been a Busy Year! - Presentation 618.19 KB
180518 Beyond the Hype The Hard Work behind Analytic Success - Presentation 845.59 KB
180518 Chairing Effective Meetings - Presentation 289.29 KB
180518 Digital Finance - Blockchain beyond the Hype - Presentation 1.84 MB
180518 Disrupt or be disrupted 2.38 MB
180518 Drivers of Future Longevity - Presentation 1.46 MB
180518 Embedding Wearable Health Tech into Insurance - Presentation 783.91 KB
180518 How are insurers getting most value from their capital modelling? - Presentation 920.67 KB
180518 IFRS17 - A GI Perspective 1.99 MB
180518 Investment Strategies under Solvency II - Presentation 1.27 MB
180518 Measuring the Costs of the State's Pension Promises - Presentation 753.78 KB
180518 Might Smoking Rates go up in Flames - Presentation 2.38 MB
180518 Practical Challenges of IFRS17 Implementation - Presentation 528.2 KB
180518 Pricing of Demographic Risk - Presentation 2.14 MB
180518 Reserving in the Pressure Cooker - Presentation 547.23 KB
180518 Resilience - Presentation 786.39 KB
180518 Resource & Environmental Issues - Presentation 620.4 KB
180518 Running off Mature DB Schemes - Presentation 594.28 KB
180518 SAI Demography Committee Mortality Research Update - Presentation 556.37 KB
180518 Section 13 Transfers - Presentation 580.87 KB
180518 SII SF Model - All Change - Presentation 727.3 KB
180518 Supervisory Analytics Generation of Insights - Presentation 1.14 MB
180518 The Changing Landscape of Distribution in Life & Pensions - Presentation 780.06 KB
180518 The Fast-Moving World of Insurance Telematics 15.29 MB
180518 Update from the Central Bank of Ireland - Presentation 1.38 MB
180518 Using your tea,milk & Mobile to get Health Cover - Presentation 3.74 MB
180518 Wider Fields Update & Introduction to Banking and Aviation Financing - Presentation 632.44 KB