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Talks & Events

The Society has held various talks and events featuring data analytics. A variety of the recorded sessions are detailed below.

For a full list of events please see the Upcoming Events page of the website and search for Data Analytics under Practice Areas.

Applications of Data Analytics in Insurance Bence Zaupper
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Donal McGinley
What could possibly go wrong? How version control systems can help actuaries Shane Kennedy
A practical use of machine learning - Self-Assembling Loss Reserving Models using Regularised Regression Dr. Grainne McGuire
R for actuaries - What, why and where? Pedro Ecija Serrano, FSAI and Kiaran Walsh, FSAI
R for actuaries - Graphing better with R Conor Byrne, FSAI and Sean Cahill, BAFS
Sessions on the 2018 Annual Convention of the Society (18 May 2018):

Disrupt or Be Disrupted -  Owen Lewis & Jean Rea

The fast-moving world of Insurance Telematics –Brian Foley and Andy Goldby

Digital Finance –Blockchain beyond the hype - Paula Butler

Role of data in transforming PMI analytics Neha Taneja & Natasha Singhal
Sessions on the 2017 Annual Convention of the Society (8 June 2017): The Duckworth-Lewis method –  Conor Byrne, FSAI
Predictive Modelling for Costumer Targeting Pedro Ecija Serrano, FSAI
Who is the driver? - Applying data analytics to actuarial and insurance challenges? Gabor Stikkel, Senior researcher at Eriksson, Stockholm
Sessions on the 2016 Annual Convention of the Society (2 June 2016):


Data Analytics Tools & Practical Applications, Conor Byrne and Peter Maher 

Data Science – a new frontier for actuaries, Michael Crawford

Review of the Titanic competition - Winning teams of Zurich and Deloitte, Wider Fields Committee of the Society
Data Analytics Workshop for Society Competition (Survivors of the Titanic) Conor Byrne


Competitions Title

Data science website organising lots of data analytics competitions. Entry is free for individual participants or teams. Anonymised test data provided, results evaluated by Kaggle.

As an example, data science website Kaggle offers a competition (without a prize) on an ongoing basis for entry level data scientists to predict the survivors of the Titanic. The website provides datasets, offers tutorials on tools and methods and you can also connect with more experience experts.

Other competitions offer prizes sponsored by companies or public bodies (but usually there are many individuals or teams to compete against). Still, if you are doing well in Kaggle competitons then you have a good chance to get a job.

Kaggle - Data science website

Kaggle - Titanic Tutorial:  Titanic Tutorial

Study Groups

The link to our R and Python Study groups (in the Forum) is here:


The SAI’s github is located here

Kasa AI github is located here

Casualty Actuarial Society is located here

Open Actuarial Tools is located here


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