Introduction to Associate\Fellow SAI CPD Requirements

After becoming an Associate\Fellow it is important to have a fine grasp of the CPD requirements (which includes a professionalism standards requirement) that must be met over each CPD year.  The CPD year runs from 1st September to 31st August each year.

The CPD requirements within the first year will be dependent on when you transfer to Associate\Fellow. The requirements will be calculated on a proportionate basis equivalent to the annual. For instance, if the transfer is official from 01/03 – 50% of the CPD requirements must be recorded by 31/08.

Further information on CPD & SAI Professional requirements can be found on the website at:…

A few general guidelines are as follows:

  1. Plan

Take time to identify how you will fulfil your CPD requirements.

For example, monthly SAI emails are a good opportunity to pause and think:

a) How will I fulfil my CPD requirements?

b) What opportunities are available over the short term to meet these requirements? 


  1. Spread your Effort

Try to fulfil your CPD requirements over the CPD year rather than leave to the last quarter.


  1. Company Events

Take advantage of these events as they are great source of CPD.


  1. Distinct or Range of Topics

It is important to expose yourself to a range of topics to ensure you aware of developments in related areas/industries from career development perspective.


  1. IFOA & CPD

If you plan to maintain a qualification under the IFOA you should note the following:

  • CPD year is now the same,
  • Requirements can be different, and
  • Separate reporting to SAI is required. 


  1. Familiarise yourself with CPD record system


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