Press Releases

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April 2023 Press Release on Right to be Forgotten
November 2022 Press release on Gender Pensions Gap
October 2022 Climate Change Matters
May 2022 Society awards Honorary Fellowship to Mary Robinson
September 2021 Society expresses concerns about regulation of pension schemes
September 2021 SAI awards Honorary Fellowship to Prof Pete Lunn
June 2021 Higher risk of death among male Covid-19 cases
January 2020 Society statement on State pension policy
August 2019 New Pension Directive
March 2019 Society issues press release on a major investigation into Irish death rates (Irish Insured Lives Mortality Investigation)
November 2018 Society issues press release on Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System
November 2018 Society issues press releases following President's Conference
September 2018 Society issues press release on Ireland's Risk Equalisation system
September 2018 Society appoints Yvonne Lynch as Chief Executive Officer
February 2018 Society warns on new PRIIPs Projection Rules
March 2017 Society responds to HIA consultation on Lifetime Community Rating
November 2016 SAI Healthcare paper finds growth in ‘Average Private Health Insurance Premiums’ Expected to Continue to be in Excess of Economic Growth
September 2016 SAI presents to the Oireachtas Committee on the rising costs of motor insurance
May 2016 The Future of the State Pension
January 2016 Society publishes press release on Solvency II
December 2015 Society publishes research report on the Financial Sustainability of the State Pension in Ireland
February 2015 Society welcomes formation of Pensions Council and Universal Retirement Savings Group
January 2015 Society welcomes establishment of expert group on pensions
October 2014 Philip Shier appointed Vice Chairperson of the AAE
June 2014 Society of Actuaries publishes response to Dept of Health Consultation on Universal Health Insurance
February 2014 Actuaries propose mandatory private pension regime from 2019
November 2013 Government responds to call for action
October 2013 Governor Patrick Honohan elected Honorary Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland
September 2013 Dermot Corry, President of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland, calls for reform of pensions structures
July 2013 Unprecedented call for Government action to save thousands of workers from pensions hardship
May 2013 Society of Actuaries in Ireland expresses concern about delay to reform of pensions legislation
October 2012 Report finds fiscal incentives for retirement savings in the Irish pension system are progressive and compare well internationally, but proposed changes could discourage long-term saving
September 2012 ‘Potentially Dangerous’ to Place Responsibility for Pensions onto Individuals
June 2012 Initial Response from Society of Actuaries in Ireland to Pensions Board’s funding rules for defined benefit pension schemes
May 2011 Society issues press release on Pension Fund Levy
April 2011 Society issues press release on Census 2011
March 2011 Society issues press release on Gender Directive ruling
March 2010 Press Release: Actuaries broadly welcome ‘National Pensions Framework’
January 2010 Letter to the Irish Times in response to the editorial on the "Elderly take over"
November 2009 Pre-Budget Submission to the Minister for Finance
April 2009 Society of Actuaries in Ireland welcomes the amendments to the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill
December 2008 Recapitalisation: high level of independent oversight essential
May 2008 Society of Actuaries in Ireland responds to the Green Paper on Pensions
May 2008 People with larger pensions live longer
May 2008 Report of the Working Party on Pensioner Mortality Experience under Self-Administered Pension Schemes
February 2008 Community-Rated Health Insurance System Requires Risk Equalisation
October 2007 Society of Actuaries in Ireland Welcomes Green Paper on Pensions
July 2007 Cancer and heart attacks are the two most significant causes of critical illness
April 2007 The Society welcomes recommendations on community rating and risk equalisation
March 2007 Tax relief on pension contributions is much more valuable than the Government top-up on SSIAs
March 2007 Rethink of defined benefit pension model required
February 2007 Risks of unregulated property investments
February 2007 Risk equalisation needed to support community rating
November 2006 Consumer understanding of risk
October 2006 Irish death rates remain higher than average for developed countries
October 2006 Concerns expressed about the treatment of Irish workers who are members of UK pension schemes
September 2006 Road Safety: success of penalty points not maintained
August 2006 Supplementary Pensions
July 2006 Funding Standard
February 2006 Actuaries Welcome Independent Review of Pensions Work
January 2006 Society of Actuaries in Ireland welcomes National Pensions Review Proposals
November 2005 Actuaries advocate targeting lump sum for retirement planning
October 2005 Impact of low interest rates on Risk Modelling
September 2005 The National Pensions Review
October 2003 Society must reconsider how it views ageing, retirement and pensions - Current retirement practices too rigid
September 2003 Older Retirement Age Most Effective Way to Reduce Cost of State Pensions
February 2003 Defined Contribution Plans & PRSAs
November 2002 Personal Injuries Assessment Board - clash over whether it is the answer to motor insurance problems
October 2002 PRSAs will mean pensions that will be easier to understand and simpler to use
September 2001 Increased Primary Care Key to Better Healthcare
July 2001 Actuaries Call for Greater Protection for Policyholders
June 2001 SAI Mortality & Morbidity Study
May 2001 Pensions Fund Inefficiency Costs Millions Each Year
April 2001 Pension Charges to Fall
April 2001 Society of Actuaries Welcomes New Pensions Initiative - PRSA
November 2000 Increase in Stress Related Employee Claims
October 2000 Pension Age Should Vary from 65
September 2000 Falling euro Generates Exceptional Returns for Irish Pension Funds
May 2000 'No Mad Tiger Disease for Irish Economy' - Pension Projections unlikely to be Achieved
March 2000 Radical Reform of Health System Urged
February 2000 Concerns reiterated about lack of minimum income threshold - Consumer Protection Measures Advocated
February 2000 Mortality & Smoking