Support from the Society


Support from the Society

One of the strategic objectives of the Society is to support members who wish to develop their skills in non-traditional areas of work such as data analytics.


Continuing Professional Development for members working in Wider Fields

A Member working in wider fields can elect to be in “Category 2C” and thereby qualify for reduced Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements if they satisfy the definition of a ‘wider fields member’. In ASP PA-1 Continuing Professional Development a ‘wider fields member’ is defined as shown below.

‘wider fields members’ means members of the Society who do not:

(a) work in the financial services sector, or

(b) provide advice or services in relation to pension funds, or

(c) provide actuarial education.

For full details of Category 2C please see the CPD section of the website.

To enable members to fulfill their CPD requirements, the Society is actively organising events and talks in non-core actuarial areas mainly via the Wider Fields Committee and the Data Analytics and Aviation Finance Subcommittees. This way interested members can benefit from a variety of data analytics sessions and support materials not to mention opportunities for networking and sharing experiences.


Subscription rates for members working in Wider Fields

Reduced subscription rates are available to Fellows/Associates who do not work in the financial services sector and do not provide advice or services in relation to pension funds. In addition for the 2020/’21 subscription year, the Wider Fields subscription rate is available to members working in the field of Aviation Finance. If you wish to apply for a reduced subscription rate please email


Benefits for employers

The benefits to members, outlined here, who wish to develop their skills in data science extends also to their employers who gain from the newly honed skills.


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