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Title Description

An Introduction to Statistical Learning -
with Applications in R
(book by Gareth James et alii)

Covers theory and basic concepts, and also provides practival examples (code) in language R.
Applied Predictive Modelling - (book by Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson) Practical data analytics applications.
Free University Course Material on Data Science  - Stanford Free university course material.



Title Source
Case Studies and Lessons on the Use of Consumer Analytics in Insurance Sales and Marketing SOA
Predictive Modeling in Insurance Marketing and Distribution Webcast SOA
Driverless Cars Are Here: Implications for Policy and Insurance Huffington Post


Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial Title
Data School 15 hours online video on Machine Learning



Title Description
Dublin R meetup Focused on applications on R to tackle data analytics problems,
they run and evaluate related competitions regularly. Informal events including people with a variety of background.
Data Scientists Ireland meetup Various talks on data science from applications to technical.


Software Packages

Package Title

Free, open source statistics package with lots of packages.

Used by academics and professionals for solving data analytics and statistics problems.

You can use R studio as a programming environment, course material provided below starting from the basics.

Links to R, R studio and course materials:

Download R (Cran)

Download R studio

Learn R - course material (Ucanalytics)


Free, open source, general purpose software with lots of packages.

Used by big tech companies and other professionals for data analytics and machine learning applications.

Note: it is recommended to use Python 3 (as of June 2018), but please follow upcoming releases on a regular basis.

Links to Python and related course materials:

Python Download (Anaconda)

Python Course Material (Reddit)




Competitions Title

Data science website organising lots of data analytics competitions. Entry is free for individual participants or teams. Anonymised test data provided, results evaluated by Kaggle.

As an example, data science website Kaggle offers a competition (without a prize) on an ongoing basis for entry level data scientists to predict the survivors of the Titanic. The website provides datasets, offers tutorials on tools and methods and you can also connect with more experience experts.

Other competitions offer prizes sponsored by companies or public bodies (but usually there are many individuals or teams to compete against). Still, if you are doing well in Kaggle competitons then you have a good chance to get a job.

Kaggle - Data science website:

Kaggle - Titanic Tutorial:  Titanic Tutorial


Public Datasets

Public Datasets Title
UK road accidents Free dataset containing historic UK road accident data.
UCI Machine Learning Several free data sets for practising
Irish Government Database Free dataset provided by the Irish Government in various fields (e.g. the Transport section includes real time Dublin Bus data, traffic volumes, road fatalities, NCT test results by centre etc.)



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