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Welcome to the sustainability and climate change blog. This blog was created by the Society's Sustainability and Climate Change Steering Group to raise awareness of climate change topics and sustainability more widely. The blog intends to cover a wide range of subjects, both from an Irish perspective and internationally.

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My Green Investment Journey - by Neil O'Reilly

Date published:  October 2021

Responsible investing has been around for a long time. However, I have seen it move into the mainstream in my role as an Investment Consultant for Invesco Limited. This blog is about my experience witnessing the transition at an industry level, and the opportunity this created for me to develop my own responsible investment skills.

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The Keeling Curve – an Iconic Climate Change Graph

Date Published: September 2021

According to science historian Spencer Weart, the Keeling Curve is the “central icon of the greenhouse effect” (Weart, 2008). It is named after Charles David Keeling who, as a postgraduate geochemist, began a study in 1953 to compare the relative abundance of carbon dioxide (CO2) in water and in air. His study got the attention of many other scientists and, in 1958, Roger Reville, head of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, encouraged Keeling to measure CO2 concentrations over the long term at an appropriately chosen site. Based on its remote location away from continents and vegetation, Reville and Keeling chose the site of the newly built Mauna Loa Observatory in the high mountains of Hawaii.

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Some mixed signals from the sustainability and climate change survey

Date Published: July 2021

Sincere thanks to the nearly 300 people who completed the recent survey to inform the work of the Society and its Sustainability and Climate Change Steering Group. This is a great response and I trust it signals strong interest in the area and its significance for actuaries. It’s hugely encouraging to know that 70% of respondents agree that what actuaries do matters for Sustainability and Climate Change. Only 7% disagree. In the following chart green signals agreement, amber is neutral and red means disagreement.

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Sustainability and Climate Change – an introduction to the Society’s Steering Group

Date Published: June 2021

Climate change has wide reaching implications for the work done by actuaries, due to its impact on the economy, the risks from natural disasters, the impact on human health and the value of assets held by financial institutions and pension schemes.

And 2021 is the “make or break” year for climate change, according to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, at the launch of the annual World Meteorological Organization’s report in April. Activity is accelerating on a range of fronts as we head towards COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, due to take place in November in Glasgow.

The Society’s Sustainability and Climate Change Steering Group (SCCSG), established in 2020, has likewise been ramping up its activity across five workstreams. These are: Education and Guidance, Research, Member Engagement, External Engagement and SAI Green Goals.

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