Society Events

One of the strategic objectives of the Society is to support members who wish to develop their skills in non-traditional areas of work such as aviation finance. The Society actively organises events and talks in non-core actuarial areas, mainly via the Wider Fields Committee and the Banking and Aviation Finance Subcommittee. This way interested members can benefit from a variety of aviation finance sessions, support materials, and opportunities for networking and sharing experiences.

At the Banking and Aviation Finance Subcommittee networking events, participants have the opportunity to meet people with actuarial and/or accounting backgrounds working in aviation. The committee has also invited guests such as Aengus Kelly, CEO of AerCap, Ruth Kelly CEO of Goshawk and Joe O'Mara, Head of Aviation Finance & Leasing at KPMG to discuss aircraft leasing in Ireland (see links below):

  • Aviation Finance – Ireland’s Next Step (June 2019) – see link
  • Aircraft Finance: Goshawk CEO on M&A’s, Asset Management and how actuaries can fit in (Nov 2018) – see link
  • The Evolution of AerCap & Aircraft Leasing (June 2018) – see  link



Banking and Aviation Finance Subcommittee Publications

See here for papers presented to the Society by its working parties and members since 2010, and filter on Aviation Finance for papers produced by the subcommittee.

Industry Publications

For the latest information on the sector, see the investor pages of lessors’ websites, industry publications such as Airfinance Journal and FlightGlobal and the websites of industry groups such as Aircraft Leasing Ireland (which also contains a list of member lessors).

Where this information includes links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for general information only. The Society assumes no responsibility for the contents of such third party offerings.

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