Webcast: The Impact of Gender Equalisation on the EU Health Insurance Industry

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International Actuarial Association

1st webcast:  9am
2nd webast: 5pm


The webcast is in response to the recent EU directive prescribing gender-neutral rates for insurance. For those health insurers with differentiated rates on the basis of gender, this may have significant implications. However, this directive may also be indicative of a broader regulatory movement towards community rated health insurance premiums, not only in the EU, but worldwide, which in the medium term may result in an inability to risk rate for other factors such as age or health status. This will require an entirely different approach to setting premiums and managing health insurance risks.

The webcast will briefly cover the recent background to the ruling before discussing gender neutral rating implications for European Health Insurers, including current views from a range of European countries. The broader implications of a move towards community rated insurance will then be discussed, with suggestions on the ways in which the risks arising from such a move can be managed in the context of various health regulatory frameworks.

The speaker for this webcast is Peter Banthorpe, who leads the Actuarial Research department for RGA UK, which carries out research into mortality, longevity and disability pricing. Prior to joining RGA in 2010, Peter was Head of Pricing and Reinsurance for Ageas Protect (formerly Fortis). He is a member of the CMI Executive Committee and the UK Actuarial Profession’s Health and Care Practice Executive Committee.

Emile Stipp will also make comments on the impact of a move towards community rating, the risks arising from it, and the ways in which some of these risks can be managed.

The webcast will be followed by a listener submitted question period.

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Peter Banthorpe, Emile Stipp