risk transfer

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ERM Resource 04/08/2015 How to Develop a Risk Register contingency actions, mitigation, No specific risk, risk areas, Risk Identification and Classification, risk ranking, risk register, risk register template, risk transfer
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Warming of the Oceans and Implications for the (Re)insurance Industry Catastrophe Risk, Climate Change, Climate Risk, Extreme Event Risk, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases, No category, Risk Mitigation, risk transfer, Scenario-based analysis, Tail risk modelling
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Financing Natural Catastrophe Exposure:
Issues and Options for Improving Risk Transfer Markets
Catastrophe Risk, Extreme Event Risk, Government, Risk Management Tools and Techniques, Risk Management Tools and Techniques, risk transfer
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Securitization of longevity risk using percentile tranche methods Longevity Risk, Longevity Risks, No category, Percentile Tranches., risk transfer, securitization, Survivor Bonds
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Understanding, modeling and managing longevity risk: key issues and main challenges incomplete market, Life Insurance, long term interest rate, Longevity Risk, Longevity risk, Pensions, population dynamics., regulation, Risk Management Tools and Techniques, risk transfer, securitization, stochasticmortality
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Longevity: Trends, uncertainty and the implications for pension systems Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, longevity, Longevity Risk, No category, Pensions, risk transfer