Life Insurance

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ERM Resource 27/05/2019 Life insurance and demographic change: An empirical analysis of surrender decisions based on panel data demographic change, Demographic Risk, Demographic Risk, Demographic Risk, Life Insurance, surrender
ERM Resource 22/11/2018 Liquidity Management in UK Life Insurance: A Discussion Paper cash, Life Insurance, Liquidity, Liquidity Risk, Management, risk, Risk Management, surrenders
ERM Resource 07/09/2017 The impact of risk culture on underwriting risk of life insurance companies in Ghana Ghana, Life Insurance, Risk Culture, Risk Culture, underwriting risk, Underwriting risk
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Mortality Risk and its Effect on Shortfall and Risk Management in Life Insurance Basis Risk, Life Insurance, Longevity Risk, Longevity risk, mortality contingent bonds, Mortality Risk, Mortality Risk, natural hedging, risk management, Risk Management Tools and Techniques
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Internal model in life insurance : application of least squares monte carlo in risk assessment Economic balance sheet, Economic Capital, least squares Monte Carlo, Life Insurance, No specific risk, Risk appetite, risk management, Risk Management Tools and Techniques, Solvency II, stochastic models
ERM Resource 29/07/2015 Understanding, modeling and managing longevity risk: key issues and main challenges incomplete market, Life Insurance, long term interest rate, Longevity Risk, Longevity risk, Pensions, population dynamics., regulation, Risk Management Tools and Techniques, risk transfer, securitization, stochasticmortality
ERM Resource 25/06/2015 An Analysis of Reinsurance Optimisation in Life Insurance - Working Paper Life Insurance, meanvariance criteria., No specific risk, optimal reinsurance, proportional reinsurance, Risk Optimisation
ERM Resource 10/06/2015 Operational Risk in Life Insurers Data, ICA, Life Insurance, Operational Risk, operational risk
ERM Resource 10/06/2015 Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza on the U.S. Life Insurance Industry Catastrophe Risk, Delphi studies, Economic effects, Extreme Event Risk, Flu pandemic, Life Insurance, Mortality, Risk Management Tools and Techniques
ERM Resource 10/06/2015 Comparative Failure Experience in the U.S. and Canadian Life Insurance and Banking Industries from 1980 to 2010 Banking, Canada, Case Studies, Financial Crisis, Life Insurance, US