The Society's 50th Anniversary Initiatives

Throughout 2022, the Society of Actuaries in Ireland is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

On 3rd May 1972, the Society was founded with a meeting in the Russell Hotel, St Stephen’s Green.
There were 17 founding members:

William A. Honohan Robert P. Willis Cecil Ross
Geoffrey Rowe Brian S. Reddin Bernard Harberd
Joseph G. Byrne Patrick J. Maher Michael Robinson
Piers Segrave-Daly R. Peter Delany T. David Kingston
Michael O'Mahony Brian Duncan John White
Adrian D. Daly Brendan Hayes  

Their goal initially was to provide a forum for actuaries in Ireland to discuss matters of professional interest and to promote the actuarial profession in Ireland.  Now, 50 years later and with over 2,000 members, the Society and the actuarial profession have gone from strength to strength and the scope of activities carried out by the Society and by individual actuaries has broadened considerably.  We are indebted to our founding members and subsequent Presidents for their leadership and guidance and for all that they have done to support, develop and promote the actuarial profession in Ireland.

We have been working on a number of initiatives to mark the occasion of our 50th anniversary, details of which are now posted below.  More details will be posted in due course, so check back regularly to keep up to date on our activities!