SAI 50th Anniversary Podcast Series

Podcast series


We are delighted to publish episodes of our new podcast series, celebrating 50 years of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

In this series of podcasts, host Aileen O'Meara and a number of esteemed guests from the Society of Actuaries in Ireland discuss the evolution of the Society and its role in Ireland over the last 50 years: where we started, how we got to where we are today and where we see ourselves heading as a profession. 

The series grants an insight into the early days of the profession, creating an audio record of our history; it reflects on where we are now; and it contemplates where we are heading and what are the challenges and opportunities for the Society and individual actuaries.

Podcast episodes can be listened to in any order. 


Episode One

In the first episode, 'The Evolution of the Society', Aileen O'Meara and guests, Roz Briggs, Rosemary Commons, and David Kingston discuss the origins of the Society of Actuaries in Ireland. They tell the story of how we developed and grew over the years, how Ireland evolved and how the profession responded to the opportunities that emerged, and how the profession contributed and served the public interest in a changing world. 

Episode Two

In this episode, 'Life as an actuary, how things have changed!', Aileen is joined by Caroline Barlow, Roma Burke and Pat Healy as they discuss how life as an actuary has changed over the last 50 years, including external drivers for change, impacts of regulation and the education system, and diversity within the profession.  

Episode Three

In the third episode, 'Now you're an actuary, what do you want to be?', we explore how the actuarial skillset has evolved, the opportunities and challenges this creates for actuaries within and beyond traditional areas of practice, and what supports the Society can provide for members in their careers.  Aileen is joined by Darragh Pelly, Eva McEneaney and John Armstrong.


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