SAI's 50th Anniversary Charity Partnership with the Irish Youth Foundation


The Society of Actuaries in Ireland is delighted to partner with the Irish Youth Foundation to raise money for their Flagship Fund.

The goal of this fund is to support projects and programmes around the country as they work to undo the catastrophic damage the Covid-19 fallout has inflicted on our most marginalised and vulnerable children and young adults.  The pandemic has been hard for everyone. But it’s been devastating for those children and young people living in disadvantaged conditions. Lockdown has meant education prospects have been severely affected. Mental health and wellbeing have taken a battering. Pathways to meaningful employment have been blocked off. 

“While we have been in the same storm, we most certainly have not been in the same boat”

In addition, Youth Workers will now play an important role in welcoming young people from Ukraine into our communities, providing safe spaces, educational support, a gateway into their new community and signposting to additional services. For those young people joining us from Ukraine, they have endured an untold upheaval and are now coming to terms with making a new life in Ireland. We must ensure they have our support.

Sheelagh Malin, SAI President 2021/2022, said: “As actuaries we are fortunate to have had the education, opportunities and support to fulfil our potential in a rewarding profession – something we can often take for granted.  Through this Charity Partnership, we will help raise additional funds for the Irish Youth Foundation that will be used to support, educate and train young people who are living in difficult circumstances through no fault of their own.  Please be generous in your donations to give the most vulnerable in our society the opportunity to thrive.

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The Society of Actuaries in Ireland will match aggregate donations up to a maximum of €25,000.

If you donate €250 or more in any one year, the Irish Youth Foundation can claim an additional 45% in tax back.