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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Economic capital for life insurers: Embedding the model Towers Watson Article Commercial
ERM departments and business units both drive risk management: Economic capital models offer common ground Towers Watson Article Commercial
Cyber Risk - Executive Summary Institute of Risk Management Article Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management for Cloud Computing Crowe Horwath LLP, Warren Chan, Eugene Leung, Heidi Pili Paper Academic
Risk and responsibility in a hyper connected world: Implications for enterprises McKinsey & Co Article Commercial
Effective Enterprise Risk Oversight: The Role of the Board of Directors COSO Paper Commercial
Strengthening Enterprise Risk Management for Strategic Advantage COSO Paper Commercial
Risk culture: Under the Microscope - Guidance for Boards Institute of Risk Management Paper Commercial
Corporate Governance, Idiosyncratic Risk, and Information Flow MIGUEL A. FERREIRA, PAUL A. LAUX Paper Academic
Enhancing Board Oversight: Avoiding and Challenging Traps and Biases in Professional Judgment KPMG LLP: Steven M. Glover & Douglas F. Prawitt Paper Academic
Effect of Corporate Governance on Bond Ratings and Yields: The Role of Institutional Investors and Outside Directors Sanjeev Bhojraj, Cornell University & Partha Sengupta, University of Maryland Article Academic
Enterprise Risk Management and Capital Budgeting under Dependent Risks: An Integrated Framework Jing Ai, Department of Financial Economics and Institutions, The University of Hawaii at Manoa & Tianyang Wang, Finance and Real Estate Department, Colorado State University Paper Academic
Embedding Risk Management at a time of need Proceedings of IRM Charities Special Interest Group Paper Commercial
Embracing Enterprise Risk Management: Practical Approaches for Getting Started Mark L. Frigo, Richard J. Anderson Paper Academic
Risk Management and the Board of Directors Martin Lipton, Daniel A. Neff, Andrew R. Brownstein, Steven A. Rosenblum, Adam O. Emmerich & Sebastian L. Fain Paper Academic
Sustainability of Earnings: A Framework for Quantitative Modelling of Strategy, Risk, and Value Neil Bodoff, FCAS, MAAA Paper Commercial
Enterprise Risk Management: Are we ignoring the segment with the most critical need? Jay Vadiveloo, Ph.D., FSA, MAAA, CFA, Professor-in-Residence & Director, Janet & Mark L. Goldenson Center for Actuarial Research, University of Connecticut & Senior Consulting Actuary, Towers Watson Paper Academic
ERM Culture Alignment to Enhance Competitive Advantage Dr Abrahim Althonayan, Henry Killackey, Joanna Keith Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management for Non-Financial Companies – From Risk Control and Compliance to Creating Shareholder Value Vladimir Antikarov, Consultant to Overseas Shipholding Group Paper Commercial
Modern risk management through the lens of the ethical organizational culture Douglas Jondle T. Dean Maines Michelle Rovang Burke Peter C. Young Paper Academic
The Relationship between Corporate Strategy and Enterprise Risk Management: Evidence from Canada Walid Ben-Amar, Ameur Boujenoui & Daniel Zéghal Paper Academic
Capital management in a Solvency II world Milliman: Sinead Clarke, Scott Mitchell, Eamonn Phelan Paper Commercial
Turning risk into results: How leading companies use risk management to fuel better performance Ernst & Young Paper Commercial
Linkage of Risk Management, Capital Management and Financial Management Aaron M. Halpert, ACAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Leslie R. Marlo, FCAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Paper Academic
Flooding: How the risk can be managed Institute of Risk Management Article Academic
Determining the Impact of Climate Change on Insurance Risk and the Global Community Phase 1: Key Climate Indicators The Climate Index Working Group: Doug Collins, FCAS, MAAA Tanya Havlicek, ACAS, MAAA Caterina Lindman, FCIA, FSA Vijay Manghnani, FCAS Jason Pessel, FCAS, MAAA Ronora Stryker, ASA, MAAA Paper Academic
Natural Resource Sustainability Summit SOA Research Department Paper Academic
Behavioural Economics and Its Implications for Enterprise Risk Management Rick Gorvett, FCAS, ASA, CERA, MAAA, ARM, FRM, PhD Paper Academic
Sound ERM captures stakeholder biases: Why behavioural risk matters Towers Watson Article Commercial