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Title Published Author Publication Type Resource Type
Incorporating Strategic Risk into Enterprise Risk Management Stephen GATES, Professeur Audencia Nantes Ecole de Management Paper Academic
Toward a Strategy for Enterprise Risk Management: Building a Foundation to Mitigate Fraud in a Cross-Channel Environment Quattro Procesing Services Paper Commercial
Johnson & Johnson: Framework for Enterprise Risk Managament Johnson & Johnson Paper Commercial
The Strategic Implications of Enterprise Risk Management: A Framework Ezeosa Dafikpaku Paper Academic
Application of Actuarial Science to Systemic Risks Shaun Wang
Professor, Georgia State University
Chairman, Risk Lighthouse LLC
Paper Academic
Systemic Risk and Regulation of the U.S. Insurance Industry J. David Cummins and Mary A. Weiss Paper Academic
Policyholder Behaviour in the tail: UL with secondary guarantee survey - 2013 Results Society of Actuaries Paper Academic
Risk Management at Crunch Time: Are Chief Risk Officers Compliance Champions or Business Partners? Anette Mikes, Harvard Business School Paper Academic
Risk Management for an era of greater uncertainty Accenture (foreword by Steve Culp, Global Managing Director Accenture Risk Management) Paper Commercial
The Evolving Role of the CRO Economist Intelligence Unit - Alasdair Ross, Gareth Lofthouse Paper Commercial
ERM and the Insurance Industry: Investigating the Source of Value RD Phillips, MF Grace, P Shimpi Paper Commercial
Reflecting Risk in Pricing Survey Report Donna Megregian, Rob Stone, Wing Wong, Oliver Gillespie, Margaret O'Connor Paper Commercial
Operational Risk in Life Insurers Nick Dexter, KPMG Patrick Kelliher, Scottish Widows Life Operational Risk Working Party Article Academic
Recent Research Developments affecting Non-Life Insurance - the CAS Risk Premium Project 2012 update Christian Biener, Martin Eling Paper Academic
Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza on the U.S. Life Insurance Industry Jim Toole, FSA, MAAA MBA Actuaries, Inc. Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management 'ERM' Practice as Applied to Health Insurers, Self-Insured Plans, and Health Finance Professionals Max J. Rudolph, FSA CERA CFA RHU MAAA Paper Commercial
Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza on the U.S. Health Insurance Industry Report Jim Toole, FSA, CERA, MAAA MBA Actuaries, Inc. Paper Academic
Minimization of the Total Required Capital by Reinsurance Yingjie Zhang, CNA Insurance Companies Paper Academic
Evolving criteria: United States Aon Benfield Article Commercial
Waves of change -The shifting insurance landscape in rapid-growth markets Ernst & Young Article Commercial
An Economic Basis for Property-Casualty Insurance Risk-Based Capital Measures (RBC Research Working Parties Report 5) Robert P. Butsic Paper Academic
The Impact of Enterprise Risk Management on the Marginal Cost of Reducing Risk: Evidence from the Insurance Industry David L. Eckles, Robert E. Hoyt, Steve M. Miller Paper Academic
Mediating effect of Enterprise Risk Management Practices on Risk Culture and Organization Performance Azreen Roslan & Hayati Mohd Dahan Paper Academic
Does the existence of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program influence the existence of material weaknesses in internal control over financial reporting Ge Song, Sean T. Kemp Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management and the Cost of Capital Thomas R. Berry-Stölzlea, Jianren Xub Paper Academic
The Financial Crisis and Lessons for Insurers Dr. Robert W. Klein, Dr. Gang Ma, Dr. Eric R. Ulm, Dr. Shaun Wang Xiangjing Wei, Dr. George Zanjani Paper Academic
The student loan debt crisis in perspective Milliman: Jonathan B. Glowacki, Leighton A. Hunley Article Commercial
Comparative Failure Experience in the U.S. and Canadian Life Insurance and Banking Industries from 1980 to 2010 Stephen A. Robb, Paul F. Della Penna, Alicia M. Robb Paper Academic
When Black Swans Aren’t: Holistically Training Management to Better Recognize, Assess, and Respond to Extreme Events GUNTRAM FRITZ ALBIN WERTHER, PH.D. Professor of Strategic Management, The Fox School of Business, Temple University With the assistance of R. THOMAS HERGET, FSA, MAAA, CERA Paper Academic
Extreme risks and the retirement anomaly Tim Hodgson Paper Academic