Aligning Enterprise Risk Management with Strategy Through the BSC: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Approach

Submitted on 25th June 2015


Following the wide-scale success of its Americas headquarters’ BSC implementation (BSR November–December 2002), international banking giant Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (BTM) launched a global BSC implementation from its Tokyo headquarters. Led by President and CEO Nobuo Kuroyanagi, BTM has thus embarked on a journey to use BSC as an enterprisewide strategic management tool. In  the process, BTM is undertaking a groundbreaking application of the BSC: integrating it with enterprise risk management. As a corporate governance instrument,this integrated model - and BTM’s application of it—is sure to capture attention.

Harvard Business School
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Takehiko Nagumo, Senior Manager, Corporate Planning Office, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (Tokyo)
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