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Recommendations for Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes The Board of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions Paper
The reporting of risk in real estate appraisal property risk scoring
Risk estimation and appraisal-smoothing in UK property returns
Barriers to Effective Risk Management Michelle M. Harner Paper
Global Risk Management Survey 2015 AON Paper
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2015 Central Bank of Ireland Paper
Conduct of Business Risk and its Management International Association of Insurance Supervisors Paper
Consumer Vulnerability Martin Coppack, Yasmin Raza, Simon Sarkar, Kate Scribbins Paper
Risk Maturity Index AON Article
Cyber video: Companies like yours Deloitte Slides
Risk Culture in Financial Organisations Michael Power, Simon Ashby, Tommaso Palermo Paper Academic
Application of Structural Equation Modelling to the Linkage of Risk Management, Capital Management and Financial Management for the Insurance Industry Min-Ming Wen Hong-Jen Lin Patricia Born Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Crisis Jifeng Yu, Heng Yik Seik, Jared Li Paper Academic
Audit Risk Antoinetta Muraca Article Academic
Modelling Transparency in Disclosure: The Case of Foreign Exchange Risk Management Andrew Marshall, Pauline Weetman Paper Academic
A Primer on Managing Operational Risk for Insurance Companies Kay K Rahardjo Paper Academic
Should the insurance industry be banking on risk escalation for solvency II? Cormac Bryce, Rob Webb, Carly Cheevers, P. Ring, G Clark Paper Academic
Linkage of Risk Management, Capital Management and Financial Management Aaron M. Halpert, ACAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Leslie R. Marlo, FCAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management from the General Insurance Actuarial Perspective M. H. Tripp, C. Chan, S. Haria, N. Hilary, K. Morgan, G. C. Orros, G. R. Perry
and K. Tahir-Thomson
Paper Academic
The Managerial Role of Actuarial Professionals on Insurer Shinichi Kamiya
Ang Zie Sen
Goh Choon Yung
Lim Wei Thong
Article Academic
Legal and compliance risk management: Towards principles of best practice Herbert Smith Article Academic
Good and bad credit contagion: Evidence from credit default swaps Philippe Joriona, Gaiyan Zhang Paper Academic
An Application of Extreme Value Theory for Measuring Financial Risk Manfred Gilli, Evis Kellezi Paper Academic
Survivor Bonds: Helping to Hedge Mortality Risk David Blake and William Burrows Paper Academic
Enterprise Risk Management: A Consultative Perspective Edgar W. Davenport, L. Michelle Bradley Paper Academic
The Role of U.S. Corporate Boards in Enterprise Risk Management Carolyn Brancato, Matteo Tonello, Ellen Hexter, Katharine Rose Newman Paper Academic
Quantifying market risk with Value-at-Risk or Expected Shortfall? – Consequences for capital requirements and model risk Ralf Kellner, Daniel Rösch Paper Academic
Extreme Downside Liquidity Risk Stefan Ruenzi, Michael Ungeheuer & Florian Weigerta Paper Academic
The Financial Crisis and Lessons for Insurers Dr. Robert W. Klein, Dr. Gang Ma, Dr. Eric R. Ulm, Dr. Shaun Wang Xiangjing Wei, Dr. George Zanjani Paper Academic
Model validation for insurance enterprise risk and capital models Markus Stricker Shaun Wang Stephen J. Strommen(For Casualty Actuarial Society) Paper Academic