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Global Risk Management Survey 2015 AON Paper
Consumer Protection Outlook Report 2015 Central Bank of Ireland Paper
Conduct of Business Risk and its Management International Association of Insurance Supervisors Paper
Consumer Vulnerability Martin Coppack, Yasmin Raza, Simon Sarkar, Kate Scribbins Paper
Risk Maturity Index AON Article
Cyber video: Companies like yours Deloitte Slides
Recommendations for Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes The Board of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions Paper
The reporting of risk in real estate appraisal property risk scoring
Risk estimation and appraisal-smoothing in UK property returns
Barriers to Effective Risk Management Michelle M. Harner Paper
ERM - Credit Rating and Hedging Impacts (Do credit ratings incorporate firms' risk management?) Paul Klumpes Paper Academic
Estimation of Probability of Defaults (PD) for Low Default Portfolios: An Actuarial Approach Nabil Iqbal, Group Risk with Qatar National Bank (QNB)Syed Afraz Ali, Risk Management Department with Soneri Bank Limited as Project Coordinator Paper Academic
The Effect of Corporate Governance on the Use of Enterprise Risk Management: Evidence From Canada Anne E. Kleffner, Ryan B. Lee and Bill McGannon Paper Academic
Systemic Risk in Financial Services D. Besar, P. Booth, K. K. Chan, A.K.L. Milne and J. Pickles Paper Academic
Integrating Financial and Demographic Longevity Risk Models: An Australian Model for Financial Applications Samuel Wills and Michael Sherris Paper Academic
Identifying risks in the realm of enterprise risk management Roberta Carroll Paper Academic
Critical review of literature on enterprise risk management and the cost of capital: The value creation perspective Lai, Fong-Woon; Azizan, Noor Azlinna Paper Academic
Virtue and risk culture in finance Anthony Asher, Tracy Wilcox Paper Academic
Risk Return Optimization with Different Risk Aggregation Strategies
Ursula Theiler, Gaia Serraino, Stanislav Uryasev Paper Academic
A Study of International Solvency Regimes Ishmael Sharara, Mary Hardy, and David Saunders of the University of Waterloo Paper Academic
The Greenbury Report Study Group Chaired by Sir Richard Greenbury Paper Academic
Using Housing Wealth To Fund Long Term Care Doug Andrews Paper Academic
Longevity risk McWilliam, Emma Book Academic
The Effect of Enterprise Risk Management Implementation on the Value of Companies Listed in the Nairobi Stock Exchange Nelson Waweru, Eric Simiyu Kisaka Paper Academic
Systems Thinking and its Implications in Enterprise Risk Management Lorraine S. Lee, Edmund Green Paper Academic
Components and Challenges of Integrated Cyber Risk Management Thomas Kosub Paper Academic
When Culture goes wrong When Culture goes wrong Article Academic
ERM in insurance groups: Measuring risk concentration and default risk Gatzert, Nadine; Schmeiser, Hato; Schuckmann, Stefan Paper Academic
Developing a new management approach by combining risk management and controlling as a change management process Holger Sommerfeld Paper Academic
Longevity Risk Pricing Jiajia Cui Paper Academic