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Enterprise risk management: A critical tool for strategic decision-making Linda Conrad - Director of Strategic Business Risk, Zurich Services Corporation
Chris Yau - Senior Manager - Global Products and Services Development, SGS
Paper Commercial
Risk Identification National Treasury: Republic of South Africa Paper Academic
Toward a Strategy for Enterprise Risk Management: Building a Foundation to Mitigate Fraud in a Cross-Channel Environment Quattro Procesing Services Paper Commercial
Linkage of Risk Management, Capital Management and Financial Management Aaron M. Halpert, ACAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Leslie R. Marlo, FCAS, MAAA KPMG LLP Paper Academic
Risk Culture in Financial Organisations Michael Power, Simon Ashby, Tommaso Palermo Paper Academic
CAS Research Working Party on Risk-Based Capital Dependencies and Calibration Report 1: Overview of Dependencies and Calibration in the RBC Formula RBC Dependencies and Calibration Working Party (DCWP) Paper Academic
Practical Guidance: Seven Steps For Effective Enterprise Risk Management THOMSON REUTERS Article Commercial
The reporting of risk in real estate appraisal property risk scoring
ERM Implementation Q&A RIMS (the Risk Management Society) Article Commercial
Operational Risk in Life Insurers Nick Dexter, KPMG Patrick Kelliher, Scottish Widows Life Operational Risk Working Party Article Academic
Systemic Risk, Financial Reform, and
Moving Forward from the Financial Crisis
Various Paper Academic
Insurers failing to measure and manage risk The Actuary Article Commercial
Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions Paper Academic
Conduct Risk- An ever growing area of focus for the FSA Better Regulation Article Commercial
How to Develop a Risk Register Vancouver Island University Paper Academic
Risk Management Frameworks Articles Article Academic
Risk-Based Capital (RBC) Reserve Risk Charges RBC Dependencies and Calibration Working Party (DCWP) Paper Academic
Risk Categories National Treasury: Republic of South Africa Article Academic
A Review of Historical Insurance Company Impairments RBC Dependencies and Calibration Working Party (DCWP) Paper Academic
Motor Insurance Fraud: Forms and Control Shoyemi O.S. Paper Academic
SAI Wider Fields Group - Reading List: Climate Change and Resource Availability
SAI Wider Fields Group Paper Academic
Risk estimation and appraisal-smoothing in UK property returns
Coherent risk measures in real estate investment Roger Brown, Michael Young Paper Academic
Does morbidity-modeling solve the problem of predicting death and disability ? Dr. Paul Triggs Paper Academic
Risk Return Optimization with Different Risk Aggregation Strategies
Ursula Theiler, Gaia Serraino, Stanislav Uryasev Paper Academic
ERM - Credit Rating and Hedging Impacts (Do credit ratings incorporate firms' risk management?) Paul Klumpes Paper Academic
Systemic Risk in Financial Services D. Besar, P. Booth, K. K. Chan, A.K.L. Milne and J. Pickles Paper Academic
The rise of risk management J. David CumminsRichard D. Phillips Stephen D. Smith Article Academic
Value-based Enterprise Risk Management Sim Segal Article Commercial
Journal of Risk and Insurance Paper Academic